3 Cowboys whose stock is plummeting before huge rematch vs Eagles

Which Dallas Cowboys are plummeting ahead of their massive Week 14 matchup with Philadelphia?

Dallas Cowboys
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3. Pass Rushers

Simply put, the Cowboys aren't going to be able to win a ton of games in which they're getting just one sack, and it's coming from Johnathan Hankins. Of course, the final play of the game was one in which the Seattle Seahawks unwisely did not account for Micah Parsons, so Parsons's pass rush was able to help Dallas win the game anyway, but you're not affecting the quarterback too much when he's throwing for 334 yards and three touchdowns.

The Cowboys did finish Thursday's game with 6 QB hits, and sacks aren't the only way to measure a successful pass rush, but the pass rush's stock is down as of right now going into the matchup against Philadelphia.

And the arrow needs to be pointing up in order for Dallas to come away with this much-needed win.

Dallas typically has pass rush coming from all angles, and they have 14 players on the roster right now with at least one QB hit this season, but they've also got five players with five or more QB hits. This is a team that undoubtedly wins and dominates games with great pass rush and blitz packages, but they've got to be better than what we saw against the Seahawks.


If Jalen Hurts has time to sit in the pocket and find his receivers, he's going to carve up even the best defenses.

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