3 Cowboys studs (and 3 duds) after escaping Chargers in Week 6

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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Cowboys Stud: Tony Pollard, Running Back

This was far from his best outing but when the Cowboys needed a play on offense, it was Pollard who answered the call.

Dallas was terrible in the third quarter as they did nothing with the ball while allowing the Bolts to run more than 12 minutes off the clock. They were then in danger of punting after another three-and-out as they were facing a third-and-11 from their own 24.

Dak Prescott was in trouble on the play and escaped a potential sack. He then found Pollard open for a dump-off pass and he broke a tackle before running for 60 yards, moving the ball to the Los Angeles 16. He was nearly able to break it for a touchdown but then still helped make sure his team took the lead.

Dallas wound up scoring from two yards out as Brandin Cooks was the one who caught the touchdown pass. However, he might not have been able to if not for a great blitz pick-up from Pollard. Derwin James came through on the blitz but Pollard slowed him down just enough for Prescott to deliver the pass.

Pollard finished with 30 yards on the ground and 80 through the air and nearly had a go-ahead touchdown at the end but Prescott misfired on the pass. But it was his two plays on this series that stood out and made him one of the studs in this contest.