3 Cowboys contracts we were happy to see end, 2 we’re eager to see expire

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Cowboys contract we were happy to see end: Ezekiel Elliott, RB

Another player who was once wildly beloved by fans, Ezekiel Elliott lost a lot of favor when he decided to hold out in 2019. Not only did the Jones family stand by him when he was accused of domestic violence, but the fans continued to embrace him despite the vitriol surrounding him.

Elliott repaid them all by holding out just a year and a half after his league suspension ended. Making things worse, he did this despite having two years left on his deal. Essentially, he jumped the line and made sure to get his money before his teammate and friend Dak Prescott — who was arguably the most underpaid player in the league at the time.

Dallas should have held firm and started rookie Tony Pollard but again, they went out of their way to show Zeke how important he was to them by signing him to a laughably bad six-year extension worth up to $90 million. One that had repercussions for years to come, including being the main reason they lost Amari Cooper.

So for a position that typically lasts 4-6 years max, the Cowboys added six years on top of the two remaining, giving him an eight-year deal. And they did so at their own detriment since they had to lose a perennial 1,000-yard receiver in a passing league.

Unsurprisingly, Elliott was a shell of himself by 2021 which was technically the first year of the new contract. He was even worse in 2022, averaging 3.8 yards per attempt. He was given a lot of favorable touches though, which led to 12 touchdowns but the Jones family finally admitted he was done after the season ended.

Elliott was released and that albatross of a contract was no longer hanging over their heads, much to the delight of their loyal fans.

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