3 Cowboys contracts we were happy to see end, 2 we’re eager to see expire

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Cowboys contract we're eager to see expire: Michael Gallup, WR

Last offseason, the Cowboys foolishly traded Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for practically nothing. While the front office tried to sell fans on the notion that they made the right call due to financial reasons, their actions proved otherwise.

Yes, they saved some money by trading Cooper but still had roughly $6 million in dead money to simply not have him on the team. They also decided to use the money they "saved" in trading Cooper to franchise tag Dalton Schultz and extend Michael Gallup.

Schultz ended up walking in 2023 and it might have been best to let that happen a year earlier if it would have meant keeping Cooper. While that can be debated, what cannot be argued is how bad Gallup's extension was.

Coming off a torn ACL, Gallup wasn't going to generate much interest on the open market but somehow, the Cowboys still overpaid. They ended up agreeing to a five-year, $62.5 million contract.

Gallup then had the worst season of his career with just 39 receptions for 424 yards. Never known as a burner, Gallup seemed to have lost a step and was no longer able to pull in contested catches either. Making matters worse, he regressed as a route runner as well with Mike Martz blaming him for a lot of the interceptions that fell on Dak Prescott.

Dallas is hoping Gallup can bounce back if he returns to full health but the honest truth is that he's been trending in the wrong direction since 2019 (again, paying players for what they used to do). With that being the case, fans are eager to see this contract end, but unfortunately, it's not happening anytime soon.