Trevon Diggs’ son Aaiden gets adorable Christmas gift from Patrick Mahomes

With 11 interceptions on the season so far, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs is taking the world by storm. With cuteness, dance moves, and mixing up quarterback names, Diggs’ son Aaiden is taking the world by storm, too.

Cowboys fans and NFL fans have fallen in love with Aaiden. Whether it’s from his appearances on Hard Knocks or breaking down game film with his dad, this adorable kid is melting hearts everywhere.

If you remember back to Hard Knocks, Aaiden gets a chance to meet Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Aaiden is even wearing a Prescott jersey in the clip. But, when Prescott walks in, Aaiden says, “so you’re Patrick Mahomes?” Prescott laughs and points at Aaiden’s jersey. Prescott continued to joke with Aaiden, telling him “you can’t keep getting me and Patrick confused.”

This wasn’t the only time Aaiden mixed up the two quarterbacks, showing he is a clear Mahomes fan. These clips apparently got the attention of the Kansas City Chiefs QB.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback sends Cowboys cornerback’s son, Aaiden Diggs, a signed jersey as a Christmas Gift

During Week 16’s Sunday Night Football broadcast, Michele Tafoya announced that Mahomes had sent Aaiden a jersey for Christmas. Mahomes signed the jersey telling Aaiden to keep being a star.

Hopefully, now that Aaiden has both a Prescott and a Mahomes jersey, he will be able to tell the two apart.

But all jokes aside, he should be just as proud and excited about his own dad’s jersey. Aaiden claimed that his dad was “the best cornerback in the world”  in a video that came out on Dec. 3, and he isn’t entirely wrong. Diggs’ 11 picks tie him with Everson Walls for the franchise’s interception record in a season.

With two regular-season games left to play, Aaiden’s dad just might make even more history. We know Aaiden will be watching.