Dallas Cowboys: Does a win over Atlanta really mean anything?

Dallas Cowboys (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

FOX. 123. 1 PM ET. 4-4. Sunday, Nov 14. 6-2. Cowboys -9.0. 44

Coming off one of the most despicable and embarrassing losses in a long time, this Dallas Cowboys team does have a game on Sunday. For as low as it can be to get goose egged when things mattered the most, only to put up a few scores in garbage time, the Cowboys have a chance to come out and get right back on it.

Now, looking across the field this Sunday will be the Atlanta Falcons and that probably leads to a few thoughts or sentiments out there. First… they better beat the Falcons.

True, indeed, but that should be the case for every team and especially those ones they should beat. Secondly, Dak Prescott better play a lot better this weekend.

That is completely fair, as it tends to be the same sentiment from this direction and after playing, arguably, his worst game ever last weekend against the Denver Broncos.

Lastly though and the one that is, absolutely, the most key sentiment out there is does it mean anything to beat the Falcons? Does it mean anything to beat an offense that’s a rock’s throw from being ranked in the bottom third of the league’s offenses?

The Dallas Cowboys must beat the Falcons but it will not be easy

Does it mean anything to beat a Falcons’ defense that’s ranked in the middle of the pack? The simple answer… it sure does.

For starters and after last week’s debacle, you need to see this Cowboys team come out and be electric. When thinking about a sneaky Falcons team that has been better on the road than at home (3-1 on the road this season), this is actually a good test for the Cowboys.

Yes, the Cowboys should win this game, but it won’t be a walkover either. If the Cowboys are serious about their title hopes this season and especially after being embarrassed on last Sunday, then they’d better come out and impose themselves all over Dan Quinn’s former team.

So, to conclude and to ask again, does a win against the Falcons mean anything this Sunday… if the Cowboys can get it? On Any Given Sunday, coming off of a defeat, looking like they did, and hoping to go where they hope to go at the end of this season… it doesn’t just mean “anything”, it means everything.

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All that matters is the next one and especially with all the factors mentioned throughout to consider, if they can’t get this one done, the rest of the season will get pretty dark… and fast. And that’s faster than it gets dark outside when Daylight Saving Time is over.