Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott can never be this bad ever again

Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

45. 16. 123. Final. 30

The Dallas Cowboys came into Sunday’s contest fresh off of a huge Sunday night victory over the Minnesota Vikings and without Dak Prescott. That’s where the good news stops for the last two Sundays though.

On this Sunday and against a Denver Broncos team that had just traded away their stalwart star and arguably, their best player in Von Miller, the Cowboys were probably smelling themselves a bit too much. Never mind the generalities though, there is one key takeaway from this ugly, embarrassing, and putrid loss.

Dak Prescott can never be that bad again. Getting it out of the way, you can’t blame the calf. If you’re hurt, don’t play and if you play, you’re not hurt. With that, he was terrible.

He overthrew receivers, he wasn’t sharp, and though he was being harassed by the Denver Broncos defensive front, he didn’t make the plays he typically makes, can make, and needs to be made by your franchise guy. You don’t have to go to the analytics of it all… or the numbers, but if you must.

The Dallas Cowboys can still win big this year, but Sunday was a major bump

The Cowboys didn’t score their first touchdown or points of the game, even, until the fourth quarter. Up until that point, a drive that started with 6:32 left in the fourth, Prescott was something like 9-26 with no touchdowns, an interception, and around 100 yards or just over.

The two meaningless touchdown drives saw him go around 11-16 for 130 yards, which only emphasizes the poor showing that was his total 19-39 performance for just 232 yards total. Again, you didn’t need the numbers to see that he was awful on Sunday, but they certainly don’t do him any justice.

You could point to the defense allowing Denver to do a lot of whatever they wanted, but with a 41 to 18 minute time of possession discrepancy for the two offenses, that, too, is on the Cowboys offense and inevitably, Dak Prescott.

You can blame some of the wanky calls, such as the punt block fiasco, which totally makes sense by the way but is an absolute killer. However, with the way Dak had played all game, that still may have only been a field goal and one of the only scores prior to the fourth quarter. Yes, it could have shifted momentum, but you play the cards you are dealt. On Sunday, Dak Prescott’s poker face got him busted and so it was the fate of his team.

There are a few positives to take away from a game like this, being blanked when you are one of the top offenses in the league, if not the best. For optimism’s sake, you hope to get these kinds of games out of the way earlier than later, while hopefully, it operates like that for them.

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Yes, the cliche wake-up call and it certainly qualifies to be that. This can’t happen again if they want to win big this year… plain and simple. That stands for the entirety of the Dallas Cowboys, as a whole team, and certainly, Dak Prescott. The team, though, needs him to be better so that they can, in turn, be their best.