Dallas Cowboys schedule and opponents

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

We won't know the Dallas Cowboys' 2024 schedule until after the NFL Draft. Some fans probably don't even want to think about next season, but the offseason moves at a rapid pace. Free agency is suddenly around the corner. Before you can blink, the draft will be over and training camp will be on the horizon.

The NFL's schedule release is another bookmark date in the offseason. It offers fans a glimpse into the new season and allows for predictions and analysis during an otherwise slow point of the offseason.

Suffice it to say this is a franchise-altering season for the Cowboys. The entire coaching staff is on one-year contracts and several veterans could depart if the team falls short again in 2024. Winning the NFC East remains the simplest path for Dallas to make the playoffs and they're favored to repeat as division champs.

Cowboys 2024 schedule

As always, the Cowboys will have six games against their NFC East rivals. While the Eagles will represent a stiff challenge for Dallas to repeat as division champs, the Giants and Commanders need a new starting quarterback.

Beyond the division, the Cowboys will host some powerhouses and up-and-coming teams from both the NFC and AFC. While we don't know the exact order of the games that Dallas will play next season, we are privy to who are they are going to play and whether those games will be at home or on the road.

Cowboys 2024 opponents



Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants

New York Giants

Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders

New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta Falcons

Detroit Lions

Carolina Panthers

Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Houston Texans

It remains to be seen if the Cowboys will play an international game next season. It's worth noting, though, that Jerry Jones is on the record saying he won't give up a home game to play outside of the country. The 2024 International Games will be played in London, England, Munich, Germany and Sâo Paulo, Brazil.

There is oodles of primetime potential with these opponents. The road clash against the 49ers springs to mind, while the Cowboys and Eagles are seemingly an annual lock to play either on Sunday night or Monday night. Further, the idea of Lamar Jackson and C.J. Stroud visiting AT&T Stadium in primetime is surely appealing to the league.

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