Dallas Cowboys: Defense comes through again and better late than never

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

123. Final. 28. 87. 36

The Dallas Cowboys got another really good victory on Sunday and on the backs of their defense. Was there any indication or belief that this would be the case this season? Not after last season, there wasn’t, but this defense and Dan Quinn continue to impress. You could talk about the offense, but why?

They have been elite and though they need to be that every week, that’s an expectation for them at this point. Again and though there will inevitably be times to pat them on the back, they did what they were supposed to do.

With the weapons and talent that this team has… all over the offense and from the backs, to the wideouts, to the tight ends, they shouldn’t ever have a huge problem scoring the ball. The defense though, they are doing something different and at a very high level.

Starting the game off, for much of the first half, in all honesty, things were shaky. However, if you paid attention to the remainder of the game, it was pretty clear what happened.

The Dallas Cowboys team continues to look scarier and scarier with each week

Using Micah Parsons as an example and the key-marker here, note how he was lined up traditionally for much of the first half. That was by design. Though some people want to blame Jaylon Smith for every missed play or tackle that anyone has, that wasn’t a him thing as to why he wasn’t there and Parsons was, as much as Quinn and some gamesmanship… it seems.

You have to believe that, because as soon as the second half started… all that vanilla stuff went out the window. Apparently, the play was to show them the basics all first half, in order to surprise or shock them in the second half with the multiple looks.

That multipleness will be a theme in our upcoming chats as well, so lock that in, but back to Sunday though. What this did was cause Sam Darnold to make decisions that costed them and overall, limited the amount of success they had as an offense later in the game.

They didn’t know what to go to, because what had been working… wasn’t and the versatility of the Dallas Defense wouldn’t allow you to tinker enough, mid-game, to figure something else out. That’s what happened. It was, borderline… brilliant. Of course, that has to be what actually happened.

On the surface looking in though, that was exactly the game plan and they executed it to perfection. Of course, the whole Diggs situation is something to monitor (perhaps) and something that will also come back up here.

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However, today and right now, it was all about the defense as a unit. They led this Cowboys team to victory with huge stops and very timely playmaking from the takeaway artist himself, Trevon Picks… I meant Diggs. They came through on Sunday and in a major way. You would have wanted them to dominate like they did at times, from the onset but it was certainly better having come on late than never.