Dallas Cowboys: Offense and defense absolutely own Philly at home

Dallas Cowboys (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports) /

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The Dallas Cowboys came out on Monday Night Football and proceeded to handle their business and other than a few snafus on the Cowboys’ behalf, they might’ve shut the Philadelphia Eagles out when it mattered the most, meaning anything outside of garbage production when the results were already determined.

Speaking of what matters the most though, above shutouts and anything else, the Cowboys got the victory and in dominant fashion. They relied on the offense to carry the weight, matriculating up and down the field at their own will all night. This was all while the Defense looked darned near elite, at times, too.

Again, if it hadn’t been for a Dak Prescott fumble in his own end zone (which was more of a great play by the Eagles defensive front than anything else), the Eagles may have not gotten on the board. The Cowboys did allow a big play during the lone Eagles drive that resulted in points when the game was still contested, but you can’t be perfect and the defense played really well for most of the night.

The Eagles would score a meaningless touchdown with about 3:00 left in the game, where the Cowboys would respond by bringing in Cooper Rush, indicating the game was without contest left. This was a truly dominant performance by Dallas on Monday and on both sides of the ball, but who does it say more about?

Dallas Cowboys got a quality win on MNF as their defense rose to the occasion

While Dallas appears to be the toast of the NFC East, the Eagles have only beaten Atlanta, though they did lose a, relatively, close game to an, at least, decent 49ers team. If you are Dallas, you have to take this as another good quality win and especially with the Divisional aspect of it all.

If you wanted a few takeaways from the contest, here are a few. They finally found balance with the running game and this is the way it should be deployed, close to even, though Zeke got the majority of the work on Monday.

When it comes to the offensive front, they need to clean up the middle. They found themselves at the mercy of the defensive line a ton when they couldn’t control that area of the front, but then again, Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave aren’t slouches either.

Trevon Diggs is special on defense and is something that the Cowboys haven’t had in quite a while on defense… a playmaker or takeaway artist. The last thing to hit on and something else that will get its own look, like a few other things here, Coach Mike McCarthy and his clock management are a real issue.

There is no excuse for how they closed the half. They won, but you cannot continue to leave opportunity and probably real points, in this case, on the board and continue to expect to win. You just can’t do it and he has done it two weeks in a row.

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It’s something that seriously needs to be cleaned up. Other than these things and a few more, this was a dominant showing from the Cowboys. These are serious issues to think about, but they should be able to get it together. If they can, the sky may really be the limit for this bunch. Guess the Eagles and head coach, Nick Sirianni, couldn’t “Beat Dallas”… huh?