Dallas Cowboys: Did they get it wrong with Ezekiel Elliott?

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Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott (Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys are 1-1 on the year and coming up on their first real chance to show some control in their own division. With the Giants at 0-2, with Washington at 1-1 and likely losing to Buffalo, and with the Jalen Hurts and the Eagles set to meet Dak Prescott and the newly minted Dallas defense, the Cowboys have a real early opportunity before them to establish pace in the division.

That pace will only matter though if they are there at the end, ready to go into playoffs and hopefully, to make a run. Speaking of running though, some eyes may be turned towards the Cowboys’ running situation… or at least, their running back situation.

When you look at it, Tony Pollard has seemingly outperformed Ezekiel Elliott to begin the year, while Zeke is also coming off a down year on last year. It all begs the question. Did the Dallas Cowboys get it wrong with Ezekiel Elliott, specifically by giving him nearly $100 million dollars? The answer to that question is two-pronged.

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