Dallas Cowboys need to continue focusing on this current strength of team

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys at this point in time are 1-1 as they prepare for another primetime game this season in Week 3 action. The football world will have their eyes on a classic NFC East rivalry game on Monday Night Football as the Philadelphia Eagles head to AT&T Stadium to play a Cowboys team that so far, has started to find its current defensive strength.

For many years now, football fans continue to see that defense wins championships. Some of the top playoff teams over the last few years have all had that aspect of their team on point. Whether it was an elite pass rush, a stout defensive secondary, or a team forcing turnovers at will, it helps go a very long way towards building a winning culture.

Such is the case with the Cowboys as over just the past two weeks, their defense is coming around nicely. One key area to highlight is their ability to create turnovers via interceptions and fumble recoveries.

The Dallas Cowboys need to continue focusing on defensive turnovers

Considering that after just two weeks of football, the Cowboys have four interceptions and two forced fumbles with four fumble recoveries, it’s imperative that the Cowboys continue to make this a strength of the team. It’s a long season ahead that will only get tougher so establishing this now is and keeping it consistent every game is key.

Continuing to add to this incredibly important statistic in the turnover battle can easily turn the Cowboys into a 10+ wins team this season. One can only imagine how successful the Cowboys can be if they kept adding more defensive turnovers to the stats sheet and set the tone for the rest of the season ahead.

Mind you, that’s also without some of the top defensive starters the Cowboys were missing over the past two weeks. Luckily, seeing rookie linebacker Micah Parsons move to defensive end in Week 2 in order to help the cause and not miss a beat was a great sight to see. To have such a young and versatile defender step right in and not have the Cowboys’ defense underperform was impressive. Can you imagine what this defense can accomplish with all their starters healthy and in the lineup ready to rock?

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Results are everything in the NFL and so far, this Cowboys’ defense is hungry, ready, and looks like they can continue being a force to reckon with. At the rate they’re going with creating a very good amount of defensive turnovers just two weeks in, there is no telling how far this team can go if they continue focusing on making it a key strength from here on out.