Dallas Cowboys: Nick Sirianni’s ‘Beat Dallas’ shirt should do the trick

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The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a very good Week 2 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers and after dropping a tough one in their season opener to the defending world champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two Thursdays ago.

While that’s ancient history, at this point, it does speak towards something. The Dallas Cowboys, in just two weeks, have experienced game-stressors that it typically takes until Week 8 to experience, in most cases.

They were in a shootout, that came down to the final moments of the game and who could make the play last. They were then in a similar type of game with the Chargers, though not as explosive.

Where it was who could score last against the G.O.A.T, Tom Brady, it was who could make a big stop against the Chargers. Both of those are key scenarios that you hope your team can experience and come out on the other side successful at… prior to it being a win or go home situation.