Dallas Cowboys: No one great, but everyone made plays that counted

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The Dallas Cowboys came into Week 2’s away matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers off a tough defeat to open the season in Week 1. While there are no excuses nor moral victories, just facts, they went toe to toe with the greatest to ever do it and the Super Bowl champions.

At the very least, it gave them something to build towards. On Sunday though, they weren’t those same, consistently, electric Cowboys on offense. They scored twice, on the ground, to open the game after looking electric early and taking the ball up the field with ease, but they wouldn’t be able to do that again for the rest of the game.

In fact, they wouldn’t even score again until the fourth quarter and that wasn’t all of their own accords, which is where the next part comes into play. It is a team game, so they should be able to lean on the other side a bit, but the offense wouldn’t have gotten that first field goal opportunity, perhaps and based on the rest of the game up until that point, without a big turnover play by the defense.

Even on the drive prior to the final Cowboys drive, the Chargers had a chance to score a touchdown, but the defense held. Yes, you could look to the breaks they received in the form of flags and the sack based on circumstances against Herbert, but they got those breaks because they were working so hard and being aggressive.

Dallas Cowboys
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Dallas Cowboys: No One Great, But Everyone Made Plays When They Counted

They kept fighting and pursuing, figuratively throughout the game and literally on the pseudo sack,  in just one specific example. They are the reason the Cowboys were able to win this game, as Dak Prescott and the offense weren’t able to quite take it with their own offensive explosiveness.

Again, they made the plays that needed to be made, such as the early scoring and the in-between stuff to set up the field goals, but that also applied for the other side of the ball as well. That’s the whole point of it all.

No one was great or stunning on Sunday, not one player and not one side of the ball. But, everyone made the necessary and big plays when they mattered the most, big enough to secure the victory.

Justin Herbert and that Chargers team aren’t terrible and they can definitely be explosive, especially with Herbert’s arm talent and their overall skill players, so this was a good win. The Cowboys can and need to be better moving forward though. They trudged to a victory here, but you have to take it and especially for your first of the year. There were a few individual notes of mention though.