Dallas Cowboys: Nick Sirianni’s ‘Beat Dallas’ shirt should do the trick

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Dallas Cowboys: Eagles’ Sirianni’s ‘Beat Dallas’ Shirt Should Do The Trick

The season hasn’t gotten to that point yet, but the Cowboys made have their first fulcrum moment approaching. With a chance to show the first real control in the division on Monday night, for them or any other member of it, this is a huge early game when you consider all things.

Not only does it begin the division dictation, but it helps the Cowboys get a read on where they truly are. With the Eagles beating Atlanta and dropping a game to San Francisco, it tells you that they aren’t terrible but that they also aren’t that good… yet.

Who knows if they’ll ever get there but either way, it should help the Cowboys get a clearer picture of where they are as a unit. They’ll have help too.

Well, they may have just gotten help, that is. In the form of Bulletin Board Material, Eagles headman, Nick Sirianni, just gave the Cowboys all of the motivation they should need to come out and demolish their inter-divisional rivals on Monday night.