Dallas Cowboys: Top 3 takeaways from the fourth episode of Hard Knocks

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Hard Knocks was back again this week for their fourth episode, once again providing viewers a deep dive into training camp with the Dallas Cowboys. Just like the show’s previous installments, this one had plenty for fans to dig into.

Last week brought us some strong moments like veteran wide receiver Amari Cooper giving CeeDee Lamb a couple of tips for his releases, and of course, that absolutely breathtaking drone shot throughout the Star in Frisco.

Next week HBO will air their final episode of Hard Knocks for the 2021 season. It’s been a fun ride, even if it has lacked a bit of focus. Most roster cuts took place on Sunday and Monday, which means that they happened too close for inclusion in this episode.

It’ll be interesting to see what Hard Knocks shows fans next week as they look to add some insight into some of the decisions that the team made earlier this week. This week though, Hard Knocks still gave us a lot to take away, including:

3. Dallas Cowboys Hard Knocks Takeaways: Pylon Prescott

Last week Hard Knocks captured one of the funniest moments all season when they caught quarterback Dak Prescott delving pretty deep into his fear of mascots. This week the franchise QB was back again with one of the lighter moments to make it onscreen.

It all starts with Dak, Garrett Gilbert, and Ben DiNucci having a friendly competition, trying to hit the pylon on some of their throws. The scene then cuts to the quarterback’s room and Prescott declaring he was given a great idea for a new tailgating game, which the now-recently released DiNucci said he should call “Prescott’s Pylon Game”.

Sure, “Prescott’s Pylon Game” may not be the most original idea in the world but Dak could have something here. He was joking (or was he?) that he’s already talked to his financial advisor about the product and what he might be able to sell it for. Quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier then chimed in, even suggesting that the quarterback start calling himself “Pylon Prescott”.

Being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys definitely affords players a big boost when it comes to marketing opportunities. So, it might not be too long before we see “Prescott Pylon” games popping up in the pro shops around the Star in Frisco and AT&T Stadium.