10 years writing about the Dallas Cowboys on The Landry Hat

Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Robert Riger/Getty Images)
Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Robert Riger/Getty Images) /

In July of 2011, The Landry Hat published my very first article about the Dallas Cowboys. The story was titled “Possible Cowboy steals for your Fantasy Football Draft”. Just to give you an idea of how long ago that was, some of the players on that list were wide receiver Roy Williams and running backs DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice.

That was nearly 1,500 stories ago. It’s amazing what changes in a decade when it comes to sports. And I’ve loved having this amazing platform to share my take on all things Cowboys with you.

During my time as an Editor and then Sports Expert of TLH, I’ve had the pleasure of working with several talented contributors and writers. Some of whom moved on to major media outlets and are still heavily involved in the sportswriting community today.

This has always been the home of many aspiring writers. And I’ll forever be indebted to all of them for lending their talents and time to help make the site what it is today.

Carrying the mantle of The Landry Hat for so long has afforded me the opportunity to interview many great players. Some of my favorites include Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Bill Bates, Bradie James, and most recently, Tony Pollard.

I’ve also had great interactions with some of the titans in our industry. Like the time I got to ask longtime NFL writer Peter King if he believed the Cowboys would draft Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott. Or when both Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay answered my question about an upcoming draft live on ESPN.

Then there was the time I contacted a relatively unknown named Katie Nolan and asked her to fill in as host of The Landry Hat show, a pregame show we did years ago. Nolan responded that she’d love to host it but didn’t own a prompter to read my copy. I still kick myself for not simply buying her one.

I’m sure I’m missing so many other examples of why writing for The Landry Hat and working with FanSided has been the best job of my life. And to think it all started with me as a volunteer writer, trying to cobble together one story a week during my off time.

It’s been an honor to work for a terrific company like FanSided. And they’ve honored me by naming me NFL Editor of the Year back in 2014. I’ve since been inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame. Now, they lovingly call me an “old head”. And in this ever-evolving industry, I suppose I am.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for the past 10 years. Those loyal readers who visit the site day after day, week after week, year after year. The ones who can’t seem to consume enough about this amazing franchise. The team I grew up cheering for.

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Thank you for supporting us and giving us the benefit of the doubt. And even when we disagree, understanding that it all comes from the passion we share for America’s Team … our Dallas Cowboys. How about another decade together?