A Dallas Cowboys mock draft with a no-trade clause

Dallas Cowboys, NFL Draft (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys, NFL Draft (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Kentucky Wildcats punter Max Duffy (93) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

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It feels like front offices use the later rounds to appease scouts who have done all of the homework only for the people in charge to make an educated guess at who they are going to select.

Sure the front office listens to them but front office people are football guys also who fall in love with certain prospects themselves which also play into the draft equation. Kentucky punter Max Duffy could be more than just a throwaway pick.

I found it perplexing why the front office waited so long to bring in competition to an ailing punter in Chris Jones. His play was clearly declining yet the team waited until the last possible moment to bring someone else in.

Current Cowboys punter Hunter Niswander was a nice find. And now he has some stiff competition with this week’s signing of Bryan Anger. But drafting Duffy would create even more competition and possibly push all involved into better versions of themselves. The losers of the competition would either be claimed by another team or revert to the practice squad as a reminder that the leash is short when punting for America’s Team.

Duffy, the 2019 Ray Guy recipient, will be a 28-year-old rookie from Australia who has a live leg but needs to speed up his routine. I think giving Coach Fassel a blank canvas like Duffy could be fun to watch.

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Does my draft have flaws? Absolutely. I would have wanted to land a pass rusher but sometimes the draft doesn’t play out that way. I would have also like to have added another cornerback but that wasn’t in the cards either. A backup center is missing also but a Joe Looney return is my hope this offseason.

This is also your yearly reminder that there are still some viable options available and the post-draft wave of free agency will happen shortly after its conclusion to fill the remaining holes teams need to fill.

I think this mock draft gives almost every position coach a new toy to work with but only time will tell how accurate all these mock drafts really are.