Dallas Cowboys: Bargain shopping at the infirmary

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, Will McClay Mandatory Credit: James D. Smith via USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, Will McClay Mandatory Credit: James D. Smith via USA TODAY Sports /
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Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones – Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

I have been accustomed to the Dallas Cowboys trying to get a bargain when it comes to free agents. Gone are the days of the team spending big on household names in hopes of returning to past glory.

Now, the team is relegated to spending their limited room on free agents that they view as getting a bargain which could be the biggest clue that Stephen Jones is the deFacto General Manager and not team owner Jerry Jones.

I hope that the team actually opens up their wallet and constructs a stout Dallas front four in hopes of giving the back end of the defense an opportunity to make plays rather than playing on their heels. A new defensive philosophy will more than likely force the team to add new pieces to positions this front office hasn’t spent a great number of resources in the past.

I am not opposed to bargain shopping but at some point, the team has to add a prime free agent. The Dallas Cowboys lately have tried to stay in line with what they regard as a fair deal.

This is going to be a flawed approach a year before the big television money pushes the NFL’s salary cap into the atmosphere. The Cowboys have to try and spend what looks big now so that when the numbers do rise, their deals will pale in comparison to what the other teams are paying for a player at the same position.

Adding players on big deals is always a risk but bargain shopping is a skill that could come in handy when dealing with players whose once-bright careers are overlooked due to their injury-riddled past.

I have listed five players who would definitely fill a need but have been injured to the point where counting on them could be a cause for concern. Jerry Jones the ‘wildcatter” has taken the majority of his risks lately on bargain-free agents but this year’s crop of players could actually provide some pop if they can stay healthy.