Dallas Cowboys top 10 greatest Super Bowl moments

Head Coach Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Head Coach Tom Landry Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys
Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys (Photo credit: TIM CLARY/AFP via Getty Images) /

Emmitt Smith dominates

I still remember being a nervous wreck when halftime of Super Bowl XXVIII started. The Dallas Cowboys were down 13-6 at the break and the team I was watching didn’t resemble the dominant group I was accustomed to seeing.

The second half started with a defensive score but it was Dallas’ next possession that provided Cowboys fans relief. It was the beginning of the Emmitt Smith show.

Emmitt Smith was given the ball seven times on an eight-play, 64-yard touchdown drive that gave the team some breathing room. His 15-yard touchdown run is probably the iconic moment but the entire drive was a classic Emmitt scenario.

The Dallas Cowboys’ massive offensive line just wore out that Buffalo front which allowed Emmitt Smith to carry the ball 30 times for 132 yards and two touchdowns. He also caught four passes for 26 yards en route to Super Bowl XXVIII honors.

The team that year had suffered an Emmitt Smith holdout, a Leon Lett Thanksgiving day debacle, and an Emmitt Smith separated shoulder game. Emmitt Smith won the rushing title, regular-season MVP, and Super Bowl MVP.

All of those moments pale in comparison to the Emmitt Smith drive which allowed the Dallas Cowboys to win back to back Championships for the first and only time in team history.