Dallas Cowboys: Lack of pass rush means lack of success

Aldon Smith #58 of the Dallas Cowboys(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Aldon Smith #58 of the Dallas Cowboys(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys need to put pressure on the opposing quarterback

The Dallas Cowboys have yet to find their form defensively two weeks into the season. When watching the games and looking at the stats, you will notice something. The team isn’t putting enough pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The team as a whole has exactly 2.0 sacks in two games. While it is a little early, this is leaving me and other Cowboys fans disappointed thus far. With an improved defensive line (on paper), I would have expected more.

In Week 1, defensive end Aldon Smith had the Cowboys’ only sack of the game. In Week 2, defensive end Everson Griffen had the Cowboys’ only sack of the game.

You would think that the addition of a Pro Bowl talent and a former first-team All-Pro with fresh legs would yield better results. Those were the two players to get a sack.

Where has defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence been? According to Pro Football Reference, he has yet to record one quarterback hit or even a hurry this season. Then again, he is suffering from a knee injury.

Sophomore defensive tackle Trysten Hill has been given a good share of snaps so far and has played well. He knocked quarterback Matt Ryan to the ground once this past Sunday.

Tyrone Crawford was able to force a hurry and knock down the quarterback once. He has been a good utility piece for the team.

Former Carolina Panther, Dontari Poe, also made some contribution to the pass rush. He forced one hurry but has yet to get to the quarterback.

What we see here is that Lawrence is the only player that has not put any pressure on the quarterback. Along with that are other players pressuring the quarterback once or twice.

I had very high expectations for the defensive line this season, so seeing this disappoints me. I’m sure that Lawrence will eventually get back into form if he remains healthy.

What should the Cowboys do?

There are some options out in the free agency market, but it doesn’t make sense to me for Dallas to grab anyone. They have very good players on their roster, they just need to step it up.

Also, defensive end Randy Gregory will be able to return for Week 7. He has had success in his limited time with the Cowboys.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and defensive line coach Jim Tomsula need to get creative. They need to keep Aldon Smith rolling, but also get other players more involved.

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Smith has looked great and Griffen has looked the part. Lawrence needs to get healthy and step up. Trysten Hill could be a lineman that remains under the radar, which can hopefully free him up.

Crawford has never been a star, but always a stud player that can get the job done. I don’t expect Poe to make a splash as a pass-rusher but he can pitch in some pressures.

Cowboys fans should not be too worried. While the first two weeks weren’t great, there is a ton that can go right. If Dallas doesn’t figure out a way to get to the quarterback, then the team will have problems.

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Now, let’s see what they can do against a weak Seattle Seahawks offensive line this Sunday. A bad game against this offensive line could mean the opposing quarterbacks will throw comfortably against the Cowboys this season.