What are Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott waiting on now?

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott may have just reached an impasse, with neither actively having a part in it. Here’s why they should just do it already.

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott can finally come back to the table. While nothing has changed, independently or mutually between those two parties specifically, something independent of them both that had mutual repercussions has happened.

With the word “repercussions” being used loosely here, as one side is probably a bit happier than the other about what has now occurred, the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott now have something tangible to work with when it comes to figuring out what his new deal should be.

As I assume none of you have lived under a rock for the last week or so, you should know by now that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes just signed a mega-deal. With the deal set to reportedly pay Mahomes $450 million overall, $140 million guaranteed, and while it could be worth as much as $503 million with incentives, Mahomes just did what we like to call resetting the market.

While for Mahomes, this means he just became a very wealthy man, what does this mean for Dak Prescott? Specifically, in terms of actual figures, that’s yet to be determined as we really don’t know what he was asking for exactly, in terms of overall and yearly figures.

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have been unable to agree to a deal for some time now. Patrick Mahomes just obliterated all those excuses though.

In the grand scheme of things though, it means that the waiting game is all but over and it would be best to go ahead and get a deal done already. Whatever the numbers were before Mahomes’ deal, throw them out of the window, as this is the comparative number from which that new figure will be determined.

There won’t be any further fishing or asking of the questions that go “what is Dak Prescott’s value”, because none of that matters anymore. In professional sports, you don’t get what you are worth unless you are the very best or one of the few very best at your position or in your sport. In sports, you get what the market dictates. Mahomes, the dictator in chief in this scenario, just saw to it that the market is a robust one.

As we mentioned earlier, either Dak Prescott or Jerry Jones is a very happy man right now, perhaps even them both. You say there is a chance that they are both happy, as although one is about to potentially pay more or get less than they had been thinking, this means that there is nothing else out there that should possibly keep this from getting it done.

That is, unless you prescribe to a notion that we put forth a little while back. The one where the Cowboys weren’t concerned with the figure at all anyways the whole while, but still unsure if Dak really was the guy. 

I wouldn’t prescribe to that notion, as Jerry Jones has exclaimed Prescott praises for some time now, but you have to consider the possibility. Since we don’t think that’s the case, meaning that Dallas and Jerry Jones wants to truly lock Dak Prescott up, our question is valid.

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So again, what are the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott waiting on now? The July 15th deadline to get Prescott locked up in a long term deal is literally on the doorstep. Let’s hope Dak Prescott, his representation, Jerry Jones and company hear the knocks.