What are the Dallas Cowboys thinking when it comes to Dak Prescott?

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The Dallas Cowboys are set to pay Dak Prescott over $30 million this season, so why not a long term deal? Here’s a thought on what they are thinking.

The Dallas Cowboys are always the headline news. Always.

That goes without saying, as anything America’s Team related is bound to draw an opinion, reaction, or emotion, be that good or bad for one way or another.

They now find themselves in the midst of an internal conundrum though, at least that’s the way it appears from the outside looking in. When it comes to Dak Prescott, who they will pay $31.4 million in this upcoming season, they can’t seem to agree on what’s a suitable long term deal.

Or is it even that at all? Who knows, to be honest, but it doesn’t appear to be solely his salary requirements that are halting a deal.

It seems to be something else in the air. Here’s what I mean.

Over the last few seasons or so, the talk has been that Dak Prescott was only as good as the parts around him. While that is the case with every quarterback, from Tom Brady to the practice squad guy in Cleveland, that seems to especially be the notion when discussing Dak Prescott.

Not only are the players around him included in that number, but the coaching apparently is included in that notion as well. To be clear here though, how flawed is that notion? I ask that because most have wanted Jason Garrett fired for some time now, rightfully so, but Dak has experienced more than his fair share of success throughout, individually speaking of course.

In any situation though, the Cowboys have cleared the room, of sorts. They have removed anything and everything that can be seen as an excuse, while giving Dak everything one might think he needs to be successful.

The Dallas Cowboys have yet to reward Dak Prescott with long term security. Is that by design though?

This ranges from the addition of multiple weapons, like Tony Pollard last year or the third of a three-headed receiving monster in CeeDee Lamb (shoutout to Randall Cobb, but not sure if he ever was what CeeDee can be). They even went out and hired the guy who had a hand in helping Aaron Rodgers become the player that he is in Mike McCarthy.

Basically, Jerry Jones and company tried to account for every possible factor that could have something to do with Dak Prescott’s success or lack thereof. That is what is happening here.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t hurting for money, or won’t ever be. The thing that appears to be happening here is further showing and proving on the behalf of both parties. The Cowboys don’t seem convinced, while Dak apparently can sense that there is at least a smidgen of doubt in there somewhere.

Those could be the only reasons why the Cowboys are willing to pay such a number for one year and also why Dak won’t budge in what he’s asking for. It seems like a sound theory, right?

Either way it goes, we need Dak to come out and have his best season yet, as he has the best opportunity that he has had across his career to do so, I would say. If he doesn’t cut the mustard this season, any doubts that are out there will be warranted and would thus leave him indefensible.

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On the other hand though, if he comes out and simply tears it up, Jerry Jones must CTC. Cut the check! That is what I see when attempting to take a look inside the Dallas Cowboys’ thinking when it comes to Dak Prescott.