Which teams are the Dallas Cowboys biggest rivals?

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Dallas Cowboys
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San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are my top non-divisional rival. Their name gives me memories of when I first really started to watch football and was emotionally consumed by the outcome of their games.

The 1992 NFC Championship game still remains my favorite non-Super Bowl Dallas Cowboys victory. Defeating the great Jerry Rice and up and coming Steve Young with such a young team was incredible. It was also the last time Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana would suit up for the 49ers.

The 1994 NFC Championship remains the only time I have cried after a football game. The notion of being the first team to three-peat was something I wanted so bad but wasn’t meant to be.

Dallas holds an 18-17-1 All-time record including the playoffs is as close as it gets between rivals.

Every time these two teams play I am often reminded of the glory years and how much I admired head coach Jimmy Johnson. When Johnson guaranteed victory right before the 1993 NFC Championship game was the most confident I have ever seen this team.

I always thought that whoever won the NFC Championship game against these two in the earlier 1990s would be the eventual champion which turned out to be true.

The way the early 1990’s team carried themselves is why I truly believe the 49ers hate the Dallas Cowboys more than anyone in their own division and lands third on my list.