Dallas Cowboys fans take solace; Offense can win Super Bowls

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys were just like any other fan on Super Bowl Sunday, watching from home. Here’s something good of note they can take away from the game.

The Dallas Cowboys were nowhere near South Florida, the site of Super Bowl LIV,  on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, not unless they reside there or went to attend as a spectator.

There was still a game to be played nevertheless, as someone had to walk away as the champion of the 2019-20 NFL Season. With that title in limbo, the Kansas City Chiefs were eventually able to go out and get the job done. In true Kansas City Chief fashion, they won the game with their offense.

At this point, you are probably wondering where the Dallas Cowboys get looped back into this whole thing. This must be your lucky day then because here you go.

If you follow the Dallas Cowboys and football in general to be completely honest, then you might know that when looking at the regular season team leaders as far as total offense per game goes, the Dallas Cowboys sat atop that list. While it apparently didn’t translate into wins and subsequently winning at the highest level this season, it is a very positive progression.

I know, you are probably saying that no season is the same as the next or the previous and that each and every season is it’s own and different, a classic cliche used by many professional athletes. You might be thinking that, like the Cowboys defense and especially the linebacker core, the offensive unit may not be as productive next season.

However, the fact is that the Cowboys newest head coaching hire just so happens to be an offensive guy, who not only kept on the man who called the plays for the NFL’s most prolific offense in offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, but should be able to help take that to an even higher level with his own specific expertise and definitely at least maintain a similar output.

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The Dallas Cowboys may not have been in Miami to play in the big one, but offense did propel the team that won it. This is something that the Cowboys can take solace in, as with a few tinkers and more consistency in all phases of the game, they could realistically get the job done in the near future.