Early decision by Mike McCarthy should excite Dallas Cowboys fans

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys will be keeping Kellen Moore in his current capacity as the play-caller. This decision already shows us that Mike McCarthy has changed.

The Dallas Cowboys are seemingly and hopefully moving in the right direction. After letting go of a coach who had failed to get the ultimate job done while having almost a decade to do so, they brought in a guy who has proven he can win the big one already in Mike McCarthy.

Since the NFL coaching carousel interviews began to ramp up, everything we heard about McCarthy seemed to be all positive stuff. It was said that he had spent the majority of his year off revamping and studying.

It was reported that he studied a ton of offenses, a ton of teams, a ton of styles, and a ton of play-callers that have had success recently in the NFL. Something else that is said to have been a major change with McCarthy his aptitude to embrace analytics.

McCarthy has said that he wants to not only work hand in hand with the analytics department moving forward but that he wants to make that a major part of how he coaches and how his teams operate moving forward as well.

These things are all pretty surprising to hear and see based on what we have known about the former Green Bay Packers head coach for the entirety of his career. Part of the reason he was in Green Bay was his inability to embrace progress apparently, choosing to always do things his way. You also have to take inventory of the fact that calling his own plays or not was always a conversation of controversy.

With those facts in mind, McCarthy has already made a move that proves that what he has told us about himself is true. With Kellen Moore remaining in his role as offensive coordinator and play-caller in Dallas, it shows that this growth isn’t just lip service.

Kellen Moore was the coordinator for the offense that led the NFL this past season. The Cowboys led the league in total yards per game (431.5), passing yards per game (296.9), and were fifth in rushing (134.6). Dallas averaged 27.1 points per contest, but still finished the season 8-8 and without a playoff berth.

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Although the final results didn’t always indicate this fact, the Dallas Cowboys did have the top offense in the NFL last season under Kellen Moore. And to see Mike McCarthy embrace that notion is a very positive sign. This is how McCarthy has already shown growth since being brought on as the head coach of the Cowboys. And fans should be excited by it.