Dallas Cowboys: Time to lower expectations for Dez Bryant


It’s time to lower expectations for the Dallas Cowboys All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant. And that’s due in part to the man throwing him the ball, quarterback Dak Prescott.

What a difference a week makes for the Dallas Cowboys! In a short span of three weeks, America’s Team has bounced from Super Bowl contenders to 2018 Top 10 draft slot and back. Winning hides a lot, but this team still has a few flaws and it starts with the connection between quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Like any member of Cowboy Nation, I appreciate the victory against the Arizona Cardinals. In a passing league, I’m not sure that success can come from 18 passing attempts with 13 completions. I’m not sure that Bryant can remain respected by defenses or used as a decoy in passing routes with merely two targets.

Everyone that plays against the Cardinals knows they have to cover Larry Fitzgerald. How is it possible that he ends the game with 13 receptions on 15 targets for 149 yards and a touchdown? Meanwhile, Bryant has two receptions for 12 yards?

Did the Cardinals invent a new type of – passing route – for Fitzgerald, that won’t work for Bryant? Either Bryant isn’t elite or an elite receiver needs a quarterback that’s willing and able to throw him the football?

Earlier this season, I stated that the Cowboys were patiently awaiting Bryant’s return to greatness. If not greatness, then at least have 1,000 receiving yards and double digit touchdowns. After 3 games, Bryant is on pace to have 60 receptions.

This quote from an article I wrote in 2015 about former quarterback Tony Romo keeping Bryant elite during contract negotiations seems more accurate.

"“Without Romo, I fear that Bryant will not be able to produce numbers that his salary would demand and I would hate to see him become the next Brandon Carr.” – Dallas Cowboys: Could Tony Romo’s Health Affect Dez Bryant’s Contract? June 17, 2015"

The Los Angeles Rams, our next opponent are ranked 11th in passing yards allowed. They are giving up 204.7 passing yards per game this season. The Denver Broncos are ranked 10th. The Rams are allowing 139 rushing yards per game this season.

It’ll be fun to see how the Cowboys attack the Rams defense, but it seems that we will continue to see more of running back Ezekiel Elliott than Dez Bryant this week.



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