Dallas Cowboys: Could Tony Romo’s Health Affect Dez Bryant’s Contract?


Let the record show, I am in favor of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant getting as much money as possible. I would not have a problem if he was the highest paid receiver in the NFL. Cowboy Nation – I hear the cries that suggest Bryant at 26 years of age, should receive a seven or eight year contract.

Bryant will turn 27 during the 2015 NFL season, I’m not sure I want him under contract in his early 30’s. Unless the extra years at the end are voidable, I think a 5 year deal makes great business sense for the financial health of the franchise.

I respect wide receiver Calvin Johnson as a person and a football player, but the Detroit Lions organization is cray-cray (crazy). I don’t think the Lions should ever be referenced as the benchmark for anything. This is the franchise that drafted 1st round receivers in four out of five years.

They are the most recent team in NFL history to finish a season without a victory in 2008. Unfortunately, that 0 – 16 season happened while our defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli was the Lions head coach. My point is – when the Lions decide to give a player an ungodly sum of money, it shouldn’t be emulated by other franchises, ever.

Detroit Lions Wide Receiver 1st Round Draft Picks


Charles Rogers


Roy Williams


Mike Williams


Calvin Johnson


My next concern is the age of Bryant in five years. I’m just going to stand my ground on this issue because I’m a believer of bigger, faster, stronger and younger. In five years, I don’t want Bryant to hinder the Cowboys from finding the heir apparent of the exalted #88.

While you’re reading this, there’s a young man somewhere running wind sprints with an elevation training mask and a parachute catching footballs in stride while blindfolded. That young man’s dream – like every college player to ever enter the draft – is to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t the first team to want to secure their prized wide receiver to a long term deal. The Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald and the Miami Dolphins’ Mike Wallace, obtained as a free agent, comes to mind. However, there was a major problem – Excellence at the quarterback position.

My biggest fear is seeing Cowboy Nation turn against Bryant when his stats drop due to inadequate play from the quarterback position. Quarterback Tony Romo and his incredibly accurate arm is Bryant’s golden ticket. Together, they are an incredible combination, but the receiver position is dependent on the quarterback being able to deliver the football.

Take a quick glance at Larry Fitzgerald’s stats with a variety of quarterbacks :

Larry Fitzgerald Receiving Yards & Quarterback





Kurt Warner / Josh McCown


Matt Leinart / Kurt Warner


Kurt Warner / Matt Leinart


Kurt Warner


Kurt Warner / Matt Leinart


Derek Anderson / John Skelton / Max Hall


Kevin Kolb / John Skelton


Skelton / Kolb / Ryan Lindley / Brian Hoyer


Carson Palmer


Palmer / Drew Stanton / Lindley

Many felt that Fitzgerald’s declining stats doesn’t mean he has declined as a receiver, but blame it on inconsistent quarterback play. What happens when Bryant is forced to play an entire season with a sub-par quarterback?

When quarterback Brandon Weeden started against the Cardinals in place of an injured Romo, Bryant finished with 2 receptions on 10 targets for 15 yards and one touchdown. Romo returned the next week against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Bryant had 6 receptions on 8 targets with 158 yards and 2 touchdowns.

If the Cowboys feel that quarterback Dustin Vaughn or Weeden is the future leader of the Cowboys, then a seven or eight year contract should be considered. If the front office feels that the Romo / Bryant combination will exist another four years, maybe Bryant should get offered a five year contract. Without Romo, I fear that Bryant will not be able to produce numbers that his salary would demand and I would hate to see him become the next Brandon Carr.


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