Trust the Dallas Cowboys can beat any team, any week


The Dallas Cowboys have already proven doubters wrong week after week and you should trust that they can and will continue to do it in the playoffs.

Is it fair for me to say that fans of the Dallas Cowboys are tired of the world searching for reasons that they will lose to just about every team they play?  The narrative on a near weekly basis, was that the current opponent would be the first real test for Dallas.  There was always some new reason the Cowboys would lose that week to that team.  Until Dallas won of course.

Here we are on the verge of an NFC Divisional round showdown with  the Green Bay Packers and their vaunted quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Yet the same things are being said.  Rodgers is on fire.  The Cowboys haven’t played a meaningful game since the Ice Age.  By the way, you can’t trust a rookie quarterback in the playoffs.

Why can’t we trust the Cowboys’ rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, in the playoffs?  No first-year has ever done what again?  Prescott only tied the quarterback rookie record for wins in a season (13), finished with the best completion percentage (67.8), touchdown to interception ratio (23-4) and passer rating (104.9) of any first-year passer in NFL history.  I trust Dak to do things that no rookie has done before, because he already has!


Here’s what you can trust.  You can trust in the Cowboys at home.  No doubt you can trust in a dominant offensive line, blocking for an incredibly talented running back.  You can also trust in a defense that has given up 19 points per game (5th in the league).  Trust that the tried and true recipe to run the ball and control the clock can still prevail over the fast break, pass happy offense.

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Rodgers can not win this game without the ball. Unless his defense can get the clock-hogging offense of the Cowboys off-the-field, you can trust that A-Rod will throw his very last pass of the season this Sunday.