5 reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should defeat the Green Bay Packers


Here are my five reasons why the Dallas Cowboys will defeat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys, likely your  Dallas Cowboys if you’re a Landry Hat faithful reader, are set to host the Green Bay Packers tomorrow afternoon in the NFC Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

Two of the most well known franchises in all of sports will be going toe to toe in what many are considering the game of the weekend. Safe to say, the ratings are going to be huge. When you combine the mega-fanbases of the Cowboys and Packers and add in other football fans that either want to see Rodgers or the Cowboys fail/succeed, this could be the most watched non-Super Bowl game of all time.

It is extremely rare that a rookie quarterback finds a way to win a playoff game. But having a rookie quarterback and running back? No team with a rookie starting quarterback and rookie starting quarterback has ever won a playoff game in NFL history.

The Packers are coming to town on the back of the hottest quarterback in football, Aaron Rodgers.

You know Rodgers- arguably the best player in the NFL and a two time MVP as well as a Super Bowl winner and Super Bowl MVP.

People keep mentioning the inexperienced rookies and the experience of Rodgers being the biggest factors in the outcome of this game.

I see where those people are coming from, I do.

But there are a lot more factors that come into play than that, most of them favoring the Cowboys.

Allow me to delve into all of the reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should beat the Green Bay Packers tomorrow afternoon.

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#1 – The Cowboys are the better team. Not only does their 13-3 record indicate that Dallas is a better team than Green Bay, but the vast majority of key team statistics do as well. The Cowboys have a much more balanced team with significantly fewer glaring weaknesses.

#2 – Dallas can exploit a terrible Green Bay secondary. The Packers have their three best cornerbacks on injured reserve, meaning that they are playing with a bunch of corners that would normally be on the practice squad or at home on the couch. Dez Bryant is fully healthy and focused on making the most of opportunities. There should be plenty of opportunities to maximize tomorrow afternoon.

#3 – Dak and Zeke aren’t your typical rookies. I’m not sure that you can call rookie superstars Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott rookies anymore. They have both played an entire regular season in the NFL and consistently excelled and led the team to victory. These two may joke around a lot, but they are all business when it comes to preparing for games and staying focused on the task at hand. This moment is unlikely to be too big for either of them.

#4 – The Cowboys defense is going to continue exceeding its under the radar expectations. Dallas has been a fiery, competitive defense all season long. There have been a few poor outings but for the majority of the year, this is a defense that played as a collective unit. They don’t give up a lot of big plays, they tackle well, and they fight as hard as they can play in and play out. If the pass rush looks as good as it has in the past month, Aaron Rodgers could be in trouble.

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#5 – Dallas defeated Green Bay by 14 points earlier in the season. Not only did the Cowboys put up 30 points on the Packers defense, they did so despite committing several turnovers and making a lot of mental mistakes. Also, Dez Bryant and cornerback Orlando Scandrick were missing for the first matchup. Considering the pieces that are  exactly the same for both sides from the first matchup and factoring in the health advantage the Cowboys possess, Dallas is likely to be at their best after having an extra week to prepare their bodies for playoff football.