Eatman: Cowboys get a bad report on Jalen Ramsey


Dallas Cowboys staff writer Nick Eatman reveals team officials allegedly got a not-so glowing report about Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

The Dallas Cowboys need to upgrade their defense in the upcoming NFL Draft. And many draft analysts believe Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey is the best overall defender in this class.

So the marriage of the two seems like a match made in Jerry Jones’s heaven. And by possessing the fourth overall selection in the first round, the Cowboys are in a unique position to grab the talented prospect.

Ramsey, the first true freshman to start for the Seminoles since Cowboys great Deion Sanders, could very well still be on the board for Dallas at #4 next Thursday. That scenario was made even more possible following a shakeup at the top of the draft which many predict will result in the two top rated quarterback prospects being snatched up within the first two picks.

If that prediction becomes reality, the San Diego Chargers and the Cowboys will have all of the top prospects at every other position to choose from. And that includes Ramsey. Although the superior athlete is seen as a better safety than a cornerback, it is believe Dallas would choose to play him at corner due to their greater need at the position.

But according to longtime beat writer for Nick Eatman, team officials may be reconsidering that move after they allegedly received a negative report about Ramsey’s ability to play at cornerback.

"“I was told yesterday the Cowboys were seeking some advice on [Jalen] Ramsey and got an opinion that they thought was going to give them a pretty good report. Turns out it wasn’t…at all,” Eatman revealed during this week’s episode of the Cowboys Break on the team’s official site. “I’m not saying their saying ‘oh, now we’re not taking him’. But they called someone up. Said ‘Hey, what do you think about this guy?’ And it wasn’t glowing.”"

When fellow co-host of the show, Bryan Broaddus, asked Eatman if the call was in reference to Ramsey playing at the cornerback position, he responded:

"“Yes, as far as him playing corner.”"

The concerns about Ramsey’s play at the cornerback position are valid. The touted playmaker had just two interceptions in his last 40 games with the Seminoles. Still, trusted draft analysts, like CBS Sports’ Dane Brugler, gush over Ramsey’s transferable abilities. But even Brugler admits corner is not his best position.

"“It’s rare to see defensive backs mentioned as worthy of the No. 1 overall selection in the NFL Draft, but Ramsey deserves it with his natural playmaking skills – can play cornerback (inside or outside), but his best NFL fit is between the hashes in a nickel or safety role.” – Dane Brugler’s 2016 NFL Draft Guide"

Even Eatman admitted that this one bad report alone will likely not detour the Cowboys from drafting arguably the most talented defensive player in this class. But Dallas may have reconcile itself to the fact he’s better suited to play at safety than corner.

And team officials would have to be okay with drafting a safety fourth overall. If Ramsey is everything analysts like Brugler say he is, the Cowboys would likely be happy to do so.

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