Cowboys 2016 Draft: A surprising name at quarterback

One quarterback prospect, whose name has been flying under the national radar, says he has a private workout scheduled with the Dallas Cowboys.

Owner of the fourth overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys have been associated with some of the biggest names within this draft class. And after suffering a 4-12 regular season record that was mainly due to injuries suffered by their 35-year old starting quarterback, Tony Romo, it’s no wonder why the Cowboys have been linked to players at that position in particular.

At the fourth overall pick, two prospective quarterbacks are rumored to be in play for Dallas. They are California’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. The latter played under the Cowboys coaching staff for a week in January as part of the annual Senior Bowl.

Outside of those two prospects, nearly every other college quarterback has been linked to Dallas in one way or another. Names like Memphis’ Paxton Lynch, Arkansas’ Brandon Allen, and Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott.

But one top prospect’s name seems to be often missing from that wish list. And that’s Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook. But it appears Dallas in fact is interested in Cook, even if others aren’t. Recents report indicates the talented player will meet with the Cowboys during a private workout in East Lansing, Michigan soon.

Now, simply because the Cowboys scouting department and coaches are doing their due diligence, and working Cook out, that is certainly not an indication of how the team will draft come April. But what is surprising is the fact that this talented prospect’s name hasn’t been more associated with America’s Team. Even though several analysts seem to consider Cook to be one of the top five players at his position.

Cook’s absence from the carousel of draft speculation in Dallas is likely due to his unwillingness to participate in the recent Senior Bowl and some perceived character concerns. The latter mainly stemming from his alleged offsetting personality and the fact he wasn’t named a captain by his Spartan teammates.

Obviously, any team interested in Cook will need to do some heavy background checks and host an in-depth interview or two with the young man in order to get to the bottom of those perceived red flags.

On the field, no one questions Cook’s abilities. During his last season in East Lansing, the talented gunslinger threw for 3,131 passing yards, 24 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Consistently good, Cook recorded nearly identical numbers the year before with 3,214 yards, 24 scores, and eight turnovers in 2014.

The bottom line is Cook’s personality traits could be masking one heck of a player. And the Cowboys could find themselves with an opportunity to draft a talented quarterback sometime on Day Two. Because the team is clearly intrigued by the prospect, Cook should be considered a legitimate candidate for Dallas by both analysts and fans from here on out.

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