A-Z of the Dallas Cowboys Season

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Oct 11, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Greg Hardy (76) reacts with head coach Jason Garrett during the game against the New England Patriots at AT&T Stadium. The Patriots beat the Cowboys 30-6. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

G is for Garrett

As the Cowboys slipped to their seventh consecutive defeat, the Jason Garrett haters cracked their knuckles and took to their keyboards demanding he be axed.


Dallas Morning News Cowboys reporter Rick Gosselin has been perplexed by Garrett’s mild demanour at times, particularly earlier this year when a spat broke out on the Cowboys sidelines.

"“As the head coach, this is his team. On the sideline, he’s like the U.S. Supreme Court. He has final say on all matters. His voice — and his actions — deliver justice. He can bench players, overrule play calls and order up the timeouts. He can also restore order when chaos exists. Chaos existed Sunday night. Yet Garrett did nothing.” – Rick Gosselin on Jason Garrett"

Broadcaster Norm Hitzges unleashed a barrage of attack towards Jerry Jones this week and suggested Garrett isn’t allowed to fulfil his role as head coach.

"“Does Jason Garrett have any control of personnel? Absolutely not. If he had control of personnel some of the people that started the year on this team wouldn’t be here. Does he have any control of discipline? Oh, please. Please. That’s funnier than a Seinfeld routine.” Norm Hitzges on Jason Garrett"

While Hitzges does make some good points, people should remember that just months ago Jerry Jones was voted NFL Executive of the year!

It’s easy to think of Jason Garrett as a puppet when the team are in a dark place. Garrett does indeed have to take some of the flack for the disappointing year, but much of the bad luck is out of his hands – and not because Jerry says so.

H is for Hardy

Signing Greg Hardy was always going to cause a media frenzy. Everyone has their views an opinions on the defensive end. Looking at him from a strictly footballing perspective he’s an incredible talent. And the stats currently being thrown around that the Cowboys have failed to win a game with him in the team aren’t because he’s not performed.

Granted the last two weeks he’s been muted by past outings, but a four sack game against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots displayed just what he’s capable of.

Unfortunately Hardy the man and the ego makes it difficult to look at him with just that footballing eye. The altercation with DeMarcus Lawrence last week was hugely over-hyped by the media, just moments later the pair were celebrating a sack together – where was that reported?

However, Hardy hasn’t helped himself or the team with regards to just getting on the field and doing what he’s paid to do- get sacks. Posting provocative tweets, outbursts towards coaches on game day and reportedly going AWOL – when is enough enough?

Had Dez and Romo been fit for the year then Greg Hardy may well have been the finishing piece to push this team towards the Playoffs. As it is, he’s simply a distraction.

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