A Tribute To The Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Fan, DC Fanatic


Update: On Saturday, Brian Richard Gallagher, also known throughout the blogosphere as the personality “DC Fanatic”, passed away. His brother contributed his passion for the Dallas Cowboys and his many followers for extending his life. May Brian rest in peace.

Dallas Cowboys fans really are a family. And just like a family, we have our arguments and disagreements. (mostly over Tony Romo) But there is one thing that binds us all together…our love for America’s Team. And, of course, you have your differing levels of fandom. But for me, at the top of that list, is a man known as DC Fanatic.

A photo of Dallas Cowboys fan Brian Gallagher, a.k.a. DC Fanatic, from his Facebook page.

For many years, Brian Gallagher (a.k.a. DC Fanatic) has been the digital face for Cowboys fans on the internet. But DC would tell you he’s been bleeding blue and silver since he was 8 years old, despite living in New York.

His site, dcfanatic.com, is a destination every Dallas fan would, at some point, eventually stumbling upon. You couldn’t help it. DC posted so frequently and such varied Cowboys news, you could help but visit his virtual Mecca at least once or twice.

As a writer, his frequent posts of fresh material, opinion pieces, videos, radio interviews, and his very own podcast was a wonderful pool of information with which to draw inspiration from. And the fact Brian worked so hard, not for a paycheck, but because he was simply that passionate about this team gave him tons of credibility from fans and media members alike.

Unfortunately, Brian has been struggling with health issues for some time. According to his brother, Timothy, the man simply known as “DC” has now taken a turn for the worse.

"“Unfortunately I have some terrible news to share. Brian Gallagher aka DC Fanatic has taken a turn for the worse. I met with his doctor and nurses today and due to his condition there is nothing more they can do for him. His blood pressure has gotten so low that they can no longer do the dialysis on his kidneys. His lungs are too damaged from pneumonia to take him off the respirator and had to be put into and induced coma. I was appointed as his medical proxy and have the most difficult task of deciding when to let him go peacefully. He has told me many times that if it ever came to this and that there was a time when he could no longer be him to not make him hang on….His condition is very delicate and they do not know how long he will make it on his own. I am truly heartbroken and am devastated that I even have to say these words. I want my brother back! But I also will not let him suffer. Be at peace and we will always be together.”"

John Shango, a friend of The Landry Hat and host of The Dallas Cowboys Show on YouTube, is a very close to DC Fanatic. The two often worked together to provide fans with yearly Cowboys content. Shango shared the tragic news about Brian’s deteriorating health with his audience in the below video on Wednesday.

In his own way, Brian Gallagher has made as big an impact on Cowboys fans as players like Tony Romo or Dez Bryant have. His love for the team shined so bright, others couldn’t help but be inspired by his passion. Brian, the thoughts and prayers of CowboyNation are with you.

If you’d like to send DC your wishes and get wells, you can do so via his Facebook page, dcfanatic.com or through the mail at the below address:

DC Fanatic.com
c/o Brian Gallagher
39 Oak Street #6
Walden, NY 12586