2013 schedule has finally come out. Here are some facts about the 2013 schedule that ma..."/> 2013 schedule has finally come out. Here are some facts about the 2013 schedule that ma..."/>

2013 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Facts


The 2013 schedule has finally come out. Here are some facts about the 2013 schedule that may surprise you:


In the Tom Coughlin era, the Cowboys have had their first encounter with the Giants in October 4/9 times, while December is the most common month to wrap up the series at 3/9.

Chip Kelly will debut as the 12th Eagles head coach to have faced the Cowboys. The Cowboys are 6-5 in their initial encounters with new Eagles head coaches.

The last divisional coach who was previously a college coach that the Cowboys faced was Steve Spurrier, against whom the Cowboys owned a 2-1 record.

The Dallas Cowboys are facing three rookie head coaches in 2013: Chip Kelly, Mike McCoy, and Marc Trestman.

Dallas faced Tom Coughlin, Jeff Fisher, John Fox, and Andy Reid in 2006. However, all four were with different teams in different conferences. Each coach was defeated except Andy Reid’s Eagles.

Among head coaches who have had three seasons or more in Dallas, only Tom Landry, Dave Campo, and Bill Parcells did not make the playoffs in their third season.

This will be the 2nd time that these calendar dates have cycled that the Cowboys will have a #88 Bryant suit up. Thank Heaven it’s Dez this time and not Antonio.


Three times the Dallas Cowboys have played in the Hall of Fame game, they have played the Packers the same season. The Cowboys are 1-2 in such cases. The 1979 season was the lone season wherein the Cowboys didn’t play the Packers after being in the Hall of Fame game.

The Dallas Cowboys have not lost in Chicago since 10/18/98 when Jason Garrett led Dallas to a 12-13 defeat.

In the Cowboys’ first meeting with the Redskins after having been swept by Washington, the Cowboys are 3-1.

In seasons following the Redskins’ winning the division, the Cowboys are 3/6 when it comes to making the playoffs.

Among the Cowboys’ 8 road opponents, only in Washington have the Cowboys not recorded their most recent win.

Adrian Peterson’s first encounter with the Cowboys in Dallas was in Week 7, 2007 when the Cowboys beat the Vikings 24-14.

Dallas is 2-2 in Arrowhead Stadium. Their two wins were during 12:00 games, while their losses were during the 3:15 late games.


The 2013 season shares the exact same calendar days as the 2002, 1996, 1985, 1979, 1974, and 1968 seasons. In such seasons, the Cowboys have only won a playoff game once (1996).

Out of these specific calendar dates, only in 1985 and 1968 did the Dallas Cowboys sweep the Washington Redskins. All of the losses in ’02, ’96, ’79, and ’74 came in Washington.

With this exact same calendar format, the Cowboys are 4-2 in Week 1. None of the wins came in the Jerry Jones era.

October 13th is a Sunday in 2013, and thus Jerry Jones will be celebrating his 71st birthday on a Cowboys game day. The Cowboys are 2-1 on Jerry’s birthday with their lone loss coming to the Redskins on Monday Night Football in 1997.


Including Thanksgiving, the Dallas Cowboys had 3 prime time games in 2002, 4 in 1996, 3 in 1985, 3 in 1979, 2 in 1974, and 2 in 1968.

Since 1996, this is the third different broadcast network combo that the Dallas Cowboys have played under (FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFLN). In 2002, it was FOX, CBS, ABC, ESPN, and in 1996 it was FOX, NBC, ABC, ESPN, TNT.

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t opened up on the AFC broadcast network since 1990 when they defeated the San Diego Chargers 17-14 on NBC.

Here’s the list of Cowboys’ most common Week 1 broadcast network since 1996:

FOX – 11 (6-5)
NBC – 4 (2-2)
ABC – 1 (0-1)
ESPN – 1 (0-1)

This is the first time since 1974 that an 11/28 Thanksgiving game will be broadcast on CBS.


After seasons finishing .500, the Dallas Cowboys are 2-1 in Opening Day contests.

The Dallas Cowboys have not opened up at home in Week 1 in the afternoon since 2003 when the Doug Johnson-led Falcons soared 27-13 over Dallas in Bill Parcells’ first game.

The last time the Cowboys had a bye week later than Week 5 was 2009 when they went 11-5 and won a playoff game.

Tony Romo will most likely make his seventh start in Week 1. Among active quarterbacks, only Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers have a longer streak.

The only venue among the Cowboys’ road opponents where Tony Romo hasn’t won is Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

The Ravens are opening on the road against the Broncos. Here’s a list of Super Bowl champs opening on the road:

2003* – Buccaneers at Eagles
1996* – Cowboys at Bears (L)
1995 – 49ers at Saints
1994 – Cowboys at Steelers
1993* – Cowboys at Redskins (L)
1992* – Redskins at Cowboys (L)
1989 – 49ers at Colts
1988* – Redskins at Giants (L)
1987* – Giants at Bears (L)
1985 – 49ers at Vikings (L)
1984 – Raiders at Oilers
1981 – Raiders at Broncos (L)
1979* – Steelers at Patriots
1976 – Steelers at Raiders (L)
1975 – Steelers at Chargers
1974 – Dolphins at Patriots
1970 – Chiefs at Vikings (L)
1969 – Jets at Bills