NFL Week Ten Staff Picks: Cowboys vs. Eagles


Every week of the NFL regular season, we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to submit their picks and predictions for the upcoming Dallas Cowboy game. This week, we asked our experts for their predictions for Sunday’s game between our Cowboys and the hated Philadelphia Eagles.

Dec 24, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (82) runs after a cathc in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. The Eagles beat the Cowboys 20-7. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: I’m torn about this game. If Dallas wins, hope continues to float many a Cowboy fan’s boat for an improbable playoff  season, at least for another week. If they lose, Jason Garrett is placed in the boat, pushed off shore and sent straight down into Niagara Falls. I believe this game will ultimately come down to defense, as both the Cowboys’ and Eagles’ offenses are suspect. The Dallas defense is better than the Eagles, and I believe the Boy’s want to win more. Cowboys go into the belly of the beast and bring home a much needed win. Cowboys 26, Eagles 23.

Artie Cappello, Senior Writer: Raise your hand if you want to see more of that no huddle quick scoring situation like the Cowboys went to too late and only once in last weeks loss! Tony Romo was in his zone – no complicated line checks – and everyone on offense seemed to play better.  In my opinion, Romo is  mis-used in a Garrett offense.  Anyway, one of the only teams more frustrating and dysfunctional than the Cowboys is the Eagles. Andy Reid’s heart is not in it, and who can blame him. That, and I absolutely hate the Eagles – so: Dallas 21 – Philadelphia 17

Michael Huff, Staff Writer: This game between two mistake prone teams goes the team that makes the least mistakes.  The Cowboys did not turn the ball over last week and will turn it over less than the Eagles this week.  Cowboys win 17-14.

Todd Toombs, Senior Writer: Both of these team’s seasons are on the line.  Whatever hope they have rests on getting a victory here – either 5 straight losses for the Eagles or 3 straight and 5 out of the last 6 for the Cowboys.  On paper, the Cowboys should be able to beat this team and keep Vick in check or on the ground.  Their offensive line is in shambles.  But, we can’t keep a healthy linebacker on the field it seems and we can’t generate any offense.  Here’s how I’d like it to end, but I have no idea which team will show up and how much Garrett will have prepared his team for “the big challenge the Eagles represent” (like every other week).  Cowboys 24, Eagles 13.

Alex Young, Staff Writer: Two 3-5 teams meet in Philly this weekend to decide which one will fall to the death sentence record of 3-6 with 7 games left. Dallas is coming off of a tough loss at Atlanta where they played well, but too conservatively on offense. I expect Garrett to hand the reigns to Romo in this game and hopefully insert that hurry-up offense as part of the gameplan to keep the Eagles D off balance. On the defensive side, New Orleans sacked Vick seven times on Monday night and Rob Ryan must be licking his chops looking at the battered and bruise Philly offensive line. Both teams are underachievers this year, but I expect the Cowboys to pull out a huge road win against their bitter rivals. Cowboys 26, Eagles 21.

Steven Phillips, Senior Writer: The Eagles have a make-shift offensive line and the Cowboys front seven have a stellar day. At the end of the day Dallas improves to 4-5 as they work to climb out of the hole they’ve dug. Cowboys 24, Eagles 17.

Mark Lane, Staff Writer –  With a continued lack of a running game, Romo tries to do too much and commits costly turnovers. The Eagles offensive line finds a way to protect Vick for this game, despite their pestilence of injuries. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin run free in the secondary. Cowboy hater Joe Buck climaxes from the schadenfreude as the Cowboys lose 26-14.

Jonathan Barger, Senior Writer: Mike Vick shows the NFL why his contract is the worst in the NFL. Carter and Simms continue to help Cowboys fans forget the memory that is Sean Lee’s big toe. Both teams try desperately to lose, but the Eagles try just a little bit harder. Cowboys win 24-13.

Brad Austin, Senior Writer: The Eagles’ starting left tackle went on IR this week, bringing the massive total to four offensive line starters on the shelf.  Philly has allowed 13 sacks in the last 3 games, surpassing their own defense’s entire sack total (11) for the season…soothing music to Romo’s ears.  LeSean McCoy will have little space to run and often be held in the backfield to help pass block.  Vick will not be able to extend plays in the pocket with his feet, depriving his speedy receivers extra time to shake free.  The Eagles’ offensive match-up advantages from last season simply are no longer.  The final score may seem close with the game in Philly and both teams sky high, but this win will be in the Cowboys’ pocket before the final minutes. Cowboys 27, Eagles 23.

Jeff Federspiel, Staff Writer: The Cowboys face an opponent in the Eagles that are equal in their ability to be prodigiously talented and lose games in ridiculous fashion.  The Cowboys must contain LeSean McCoy and force Michael Vick to throw the ball to beat them.  If they can win the Turnover battle, the Cowboys should be able to move to 4-5 and put the Eagles’ season to rest.  If not, it will be the Cowboys saying goodnight to their playoff hopes… slim though those hopes might be. Cowboys 17, Eagles 13.

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