Who Will Be The Dallas Cowboy’s Starting Safeties? (Part Two)


Landry Hat readers are some of the most passionate Dallas Cowboy fans on the planet. That’s why we have stocked our writing staff full of those same die-hard fans.  And in an effort to be sure we are catering to our reader’s needs, we have restarted our series of answering your fan questions. Before diving into Part Two of our expert’s opinions, let’s restate the selected reader question for this week:

"Coolec3 via the comments section asked: “Who do you guys think will be the starting safeties? Also, has Bill Nagy shown any talent at center? It seems like most Cowboys media people only talk about Costa. And who are the go-ahead picks at #3 and #4 WR?”"

Now here are is the continuation of the answers provided by the experts from our writing staff:

Kim Dunning, Staff Writer: “I am going with Barry Church and Gerald Sensabaugh but later in the season I can see Matt Johnson taking over the starting safety position (and maybe even start out right depends on his and Sensabaugh’s performances during pre-season).  I haven’t seen anything I would call overly talented at center with Bill Nagy and Costa I think will do better if he starts his second season.  When Costa played in Maryland he didn’t start at center he was moved there at the end of his junior year so he had more of a curve I believe.  I think if he starts I’m OK with it unless someone proves otherwise once pre-season starts.  My picks for # 3 and # 4 wide receivers are Danny Coale  and Raymond Radway.”

Keith Peavy, Staff Writer: “When the season starts, Gerald Sensabaugh will be your starting strong safety, and Brodney Pool will be your starting free safety. I am not very high on Pool, but Matt Johnson needs time to learn the speed and adjustments in this league, and unless the Cowboys can find a valuable veteran after the final cuts are made, we will have one year with Pool. Bill Nagy has plenty of experience at Center and Guard at Wisconsin, and was doing a pretty good job at Left Guard for the Cowboys before breaking his ankle last season. I don’t see him beating Costa out at Center, but I see him being a top reserve at guard and center this season. As far as wide receiver, as of right now, there are no go ahead winners at #3 & #4 WR, We do know that Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are 1 & 2, and anything past that is up for grabs. Keep your eyes on Andre Holmes, Kevin Ogletree, Cole Beasley, Tim Benford, and Danny Coale this preseason, if none of them can push themselves away from the pack this year, one will become the #4 man, and the Cowboys will be in the waiver wire trying to find the next Laurent Robinson.

Bo Martin, Staff Writer: “Alot of questions here so I’m going to try and break them up so I can get all of them… I think at the safety position a player to watch is Matt Johnson.  It’s a given that Sensabaugh is going to start, so the question becomes who between Pool, Johnson, and Church will start.  Johnson offers a complete safety prospect who could really impact the Cowboys and provide them the long term safety prospect they’ve been looking for since Darren Woodson.

At center, I can’t imagine that anyone but Costa will start.  The Cowboys had a chance at Ben Jones and Phillip Blake late… both of which would have been upgrades.  I think they want to try and maintain some continuity at the position and that will mean giving Costa one more year to prove what he has.  Nagy is certainly versatile but I think he will likely remain as a valuable swingman.

Wide receiver is a big question.  If the Cowboys take Gordon in the supplemental draft then you’ll have the #3 receiver without question.  He’ll be a perfect fit.  If not, I see the Cowboys parting ways with Ogletree and moving on with Andre Holmes and Dwayne Harris with Cole Beasley and Raymond Radway rounding out the position.  This is probably a good year to keep 6 receivers since they are all good players with significant upside.

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