Fan Question: Do The Cowboys Have A Top Five Defense? (Part One)


With training camp just a stone throw away, The Landry Hat has once again started up it’s series of articles answering YOUR fan questions for our staff of Dallas Cowboy experts. Let’s find out what today’s fan question is…

Landry Hat fan Bernie Massa via Facebook asked: “It seems that the defense is reaching a level of depth we haven’t seen in a while, that combined with the competitive atmosphere that Garrett and Ryan have brought to the team gives us a chance at a top 5 defense this year…What are your thoughts?”

And now, the answers from our Dallas Cowboy experts:

Todd  Toombs, Senior Writer: “I’m excited about the potential of this defense.  Based on where we ended last season, I’m not sure Top 5 is realistic this season, but we are definitely building something special.  We will be strong at linebacker and along the front line and now have what should develop into a first-rate secondary.  I would be really surprised if we aren’t able to finally put some significant pressure on the quarterback now and create sacks and turnovers – whether it is because our secondary causes the QB to hesitate giving Ware and company time to get to them or whether the rush forces throws to receivers who are now covered remains to be seen.  But, either way, we will be a much tougher group in 2012 if we can keep all the key personnel healthy.”

Jonathan Barger, Senior Writer: “As much progress as this Cowboys defense has made on paper… we can’t get too far ahead of ourselves.  Anointing the Cowboys defense as top 5 before we have seen any practice with pads is premature. We have several unknowns.  CB, SS, and ILB are the biggest.  Claiborne was the top defensive player in the draft, but will he be able to compete at a high level from the word “go”?  Will Brodney Poole provide any sort of upgrade over Abe Elam?  And can Bruce Carter/ Dan Connor give substantial meaningful reps besides Sean Lee?  On paper, this defense looks awesome, but we will see.  I think I would describe my thoughts as ‘Cautiously optimistic’.”

Levi Glenn, Staff Writer: “It is true, the defense of the Dallas Cowboys is finally coming together and the unit should be in the top 5. Jerry Jones is involved with the offense more than defense so Rob Ryan is running his show. If the Cowboys are missing any pieces to a top 5 defense Ryan will bully Mr. Jones and have them by next season.”

Joe Owens, Staff Writer: “I personally love what the Cowboys have done by adding the depth and the competition level that now seems to accompany every position on the defensive side of the ball. I still feel we lack elite talent at the safety position but as for the depth its key in churning the bottom of the roster with talent upgrades in order to remain competitive. With the upgrades especially in the secondary and the possible emergence of Barry Church roaming the deep middle with Gerald Sensabaugh you could see a jump in defensive rankings something similar to the leap the Houston Texans defense made last year under former Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips.”

Check back tomorrow at The Landry Hat for part two of this story and you’ll find out what our other experts have to say on the Big “D” in Dallas.

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