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Dallas Cowboys Not Playing Like Champions


So much for a win with my Merry Christmas.

What’s that expression? ‘The whole is equal to the sum of it’s parts’.  If that is true, then for the Dallas Cowboys the saying would be:  ‘The whole is LESS than the sum of it’s parts’.   You see, these Cowboys are loaded with talent, coached by some of the current best minds in football and have an owner that usually spares no expense.  So why the mixed results?  Why the half-hearted effort by half the team half the time?  Over and over again, when the situation warrants it, this team doesn’t kick it into that extra gear.  It’s like driving a Porche on a two lane highway and then you go to pass the truck in front of you and you realize you have no passing gear and your accelerator’s sticks.

I didn’t come to this thinking just because we lost this game.  Actually, I was impressed that the Defense didn’t tank like it usually does when Tony Romo goes down (regardless that we all know the Defense has nothing to do with the Offense).  Do I think the Cowboys would have won this game had Tony played?  Yes,  because we would have scored more points and kept their Offense off the field a little more, which in turn would have kept our Defense fresher.  But it didn’t turn out that way, which reminded me that others needed to step up Saturday and they didn’t.  They often don’t,  even though we have some of the best players at their positions on our team.  To me, we played like we were trying to keep it close but we expected to lose (Kinda like the New England game earlier this year).

Champion caliber teams don’t play thinking they will probably lose.  Champion caliber teams don’t play not to lose.  Champion caliber teams play to win and expect to win – every game!  Isn’t that the real reason Jerry Jones pegged Jason Garrett for head coach?  To instill in these new Cowboys how to play like champions, because Garrett played on a ‘champion caliber’ team and that team was the very same Dallas Cowboys.  Jason has yet to instill that in this team, because these Cowboys don’t play like champions.


-My guess as to what Jerry Jones had to tell Jason Garrett when he uncharacteristically came down to the sideline in the first half:  “Jason, if you risk letting Romo back in this meaningless game I’ll fire you right here on the spot”

-Man! Can Romo catch a break that doesn’t include his bones?

-It seems such a waste of talent that this team can’t get to the next level.  The window is closing fast on the Tight End and QB.

-Jason Garrett is our coach.  Rob Ryan our defensive coordinator.  DeMarcus Ware our outside linebacker.  Sean Lee our inside linebacker.  Jay Ratliff our nose tackle.  Miles Austin, Dez Bryant (and Laurent Robinson) our wide receivers.  Jason Witten our tight end and so on and so on.  Yet, every time we lose one guy, Tony Romo, we’re all done.

-I’m looking for that elusive, intangible something out of these Cowboys that will lead me to believe that if we make the playoffs we have a shot at the Superbowl.  I don’t see it, and I don’t think you do either.

-With the regular season pretty much wrapped up, I have my 9 players I’d keep.  These are comprised of the 4 core players and the 5 others I have tied at number 5. I also created (because I can) a ‘Reserves’ group with 4 players I could easily interchange with players 5 thru 9 and why they are reserves.

The Core:

      Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Sean Lee

Tied for 5th:

      Jay Ratliff, DeMarco Murray, Tyron Smith, Dan Bailey, Laurent Robinson (yes, Laurent Robinson),

The Reserves:

Dez Bryant – Yes, he’s the future, but he doesn’t run crisp routes and has trouble getting open. For a guy with his size, speed and talent, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Miles Austin – I would love to include him in my top 9.  I probably would if Laurent Robinson hadn’t stepped in and stepped up as well as he did when Miles went down, and if the timing between Miles and Tony was better after he returned.

Matt McBriar – Solid punter. When field position is so important, a solid punter is gold.  Matt has taken a small step backward in my opinion.

Kyle Kosier – Would be in my top 9 if he wasn’t going into his 11th year. He is simply the most consistent offensive lineman on the team since he’s been here.  Purely on a win now basis, I would put him in my 9.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  And I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!