NFL Week 13 Picks & Predictions: Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals


Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to submit their picks and predictions for the upcoming game. This week, we asked our experts for their opinion on the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Arizona Cardinals game on Sunday.

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: Despite the Dallas Cowboys losing history playing Arizona at home, I still think this is their game to lose. If Dallas can win the turnover battle and hold Patrick Peterson’s return yardage down then it should be an easy win. Arizona has no pass protection so look for Demarcus Ware to have a career day in sacks! Mike Jenkins return will help the Cowboys defense rush more and double cover Larry Fitzgerald. Expect him and Beanie Wells to get their numbers, but little else. Dallas wins big, 34-17.

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Ashley Bolton, Staff Writer: I see the Cowboys offense continuing their great play. I would also like to see the defense bounce back after two not so great games. Beanie Wells if he plays is going to be the main focus of the offense and he is going to be who the Cowboys need to focus on. Also interested to see who covers Larry Fitzgerald and how they do. It is a lot closer than it should be and Bailey comes through again. 27-24 Cowboys!

Robert Diton, Staff Writer: Obviously, the main story line this week is how the Dallas secondary (which has given big yards to Matt Moore and Rex Grossman) is going to slow down Larry Fitzgerald. Hopefully, they can learn from their experience against Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall (no more choke holds, Terrence Newman). The Cardinals also have weapons in Beanie Wells, who dropped 200 yards last week, and Patrick Peterson, who is becoming one of the top returners this side of Devon Hester. I see McBriar avoiding Peterson to at least limit his impact. Rob Ryan needs to get his defense in gear. However, I do see Romo and the offense outscoring the Cardinals in the end. Cowboys 27, Cardinals 20

Seth Jones, Staff Writer: Trap game! The Cardinals have thrown down a puddle of sharpened caltrops and are waiting for the Cowboys to step on them. This game might be weird, much like Keith Urban’s face make-up. With Patrick Peterson and Dez Bryant both returning punts for their respective teams, you can expect some special team success. I boldly predict that TWO punts will be returned for touchdowns. But guess what? Both punts will be returned.. By Leon Lett. Mark it down. I want credit for this prediction when it comes true. HEY!….Cowboys: 20, Cardinals: 16

Mark Contreras, Video Contributor & Staff Writer: So, it’s all set to be perfect, right? The Cowboys are going to beat the Cardinals, the Giants are going to lose to Green Bay and the Eagles are just going to keep being the Eagles. The Cowboys are going to dominate the remainder of this season, right? Slow down. Two words: Larry Fitzgerald. This secondary scares me and now we’re playing the best wide receiver in football. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the last time the Cowboys benefited from this much bad fortune in the division so I am a bit skeptical as to their continued good fortune the rest of this season. No, for some reason I feel as though it is going to be a wee bit harder than this. Cowboys 21, Cardinals 27.

Joe D. Ramirez, Senior Writer: I don’t like predicting blowouts… but Kevin Kolb will struggle early with timing (presuming he plays) and accuracy, and the Cowboys will benefit from the extra days off.  The December woes were exercised two seasons before, the Cowboys will start December strong with a 42-10 victory in a “home” game in Arizona.  The game won’t be too memorable… but it will be nice to have a break from a win at the last second of the game. 

Artie Cappello, Staff Writer: At some point, if the Cowboys are going to be taken seriously, they need to play at the level of their own talent instead of the level of their opponent’s. Will it be this week?  Yes!  I also like to think that the blow-out in Philly woke a sleeping giant.  NFC (especially the East) look out! Of course, I’m prone to illusions of grandeur.  –  Dallas 28,  Arizona  14

Simus1974, Video Contributor: Jerry wants a beatdown. Were getting healthy. Eagles are officially dead!! Example will be made. Cowboys 35 – Larry & The Fitzgeralds 17

Todd Toombs, Staff Writer: This one will be a lot closer than people expect.  Patrick Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Beanie Wells could all have big days against our Defense and Special Teams.  If we can’t start generating more of a pass rush, then it won’t matter who is at quarterback for the Cardinals – either Skelton or Kolb will see plenty of open receivers.  If our offensive line can protect Romo and open some holes for DeMarco Murray, then we’ll squeeze out the “W”.  But, we have to avoid giving up big plays on defense.  Cowboys 24 Cardinals 20.

Tonni Shook, Staff Writer: Here’s my prediction:   As we close the books on November and a spectacular string of wins, Tony, DeMarco, a host of wide receivers, and my personal favorite, Dan Bailey, look to continue their winning ways.  Arizona Cardinals at 4-7 look to get away from their losing ways.  Arizona’s run defense is going to have a heck of time stopping Murray, and while they attempt to thwart him, Tony will be lighting it up through the air to Dez and the rest of the troops. Dallas defense, come out and play a full game, will you please?  Add another W to the books:  Cowboys 27 – Arizona 14

Marney Robinson, Staff Writer: The Cowboys should come away from this game against the Cardinals with a comfortable win.  The Cardinals quarterback play is dreadful, and they will be relying on their running game.  Beanie Wells did go for over 200 yards on the ground last week, but they were playing the Rams…the same team DeMarco Murray dropped 200+ on as well.  The Cowboys have the better team by far, and they should get Mike Jenkins back to help a struggling secondary. Cowboys 35, Cardinals 17

Jonathan Barger, Staff Writer: Trips to the desert haven’t meant good things the past two trips, but this year lady luck wears the Star.  The only way the Cardinals win is if Tony gives them the game.  With Shaun Chapas getting called up from the practice squad, expect Murray to have an excellent fantasy day. This game will be “Duel of the Fates” between Dez Bryant and Patrick Peterson returning punts.  Cowboys win the turnover margin and shutdown the Fitz. Cowboys 27 – Cardinals 17.


C. Joseph Wright:  If Fitzgerald could throw the ball to himself, I might be worried, but he can’t.  Neither Kolb nor Skelton are playing very well.  No one told Romo that its December, so he should continue to play like it is Rovember.  The Cowboys will ride the DM Express to another victory.  It is the desert, so something weird will likely happen, but the Cowboys will score enough points to win even if Peterson returns a punt for a TD.  Cowboys win by 7.

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