Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to ..."/> Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to ..."/>

NFL Week 11: Cowboys vs. Redskins Game Predictions


Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to submit their picks and predictions for the upcoming game. This week, we asked our experts for their opinion on the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Washington Redskins game on Sunday.

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: This game has blowout written all over it. But I think the loss of FB Tony Fiammetta and the fact that this is in Washington will hurt the Dallas run game. And that will, in turn, hurt the entire team. Combine that with the hatred the two franchises have for each other, and you have the makings for an upset. Although I think it will be close, due to the two great defenses, I do not believe Washington has enough offensive firepower to out score Dallas. But I think something as simple as a single turnover could change the outcome of this game. But in the end, Dallas is too talented on offense to lose this one. Dallas 17, Washington 13.

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Ashley Bolton, Staff Writer: The last few games the Cowboys have been clicking on all cylinders. Romo and the passing game have looked great and DeMarco Murray has been phenomenal, however I have been most impressed with the secondary and the 6 interceptions they have forced in the last 2 games. With Grossman at quarterback I see the defense having a field day with him. The offense continues to click and the defense shows why they are one of the best. The Cowboys big in this one 28-10!

Simus1974, Video Contributor: Why waste time with a bunch of BS. The Cowboys are looking solid, the Redskins don’t know which way is up! Too easy!! 30-10 Cowboys

Robert Diton, Staff Writer: Anyone who thinks the Redskins are going to lay down and let us waltz all over them on their own turf, has another thing coming. This is a rivalry game on the road, which is never easy. That being said, I would feel more nervous if the Redskins found a decent replacement for Tim Hightower. Don’t forget about Brian Orakpo charging towards our offensive line. Oh, but also don’t forget Rex Grossman is the starting quarterback. Cowboys 28, Redskins 17

Seth Jones, Staff Writer: The Redskins have quarterback issues. Those are bad. The Cowboys have looked good lately. This points towards a big Cowboy win. However, in the NFL, weird things tend to happen. I won’t go as far as to say that the Redskins will upset the Cowboys, but I do believe it will be closer than we think. So that leads me to the conclusion that the Cowboys will win 30-14. The Redskins will miss 7 field goals.

Mark Contreras, Video Contributor & Staff Writer: The Cowboys seem as though they have turned a corner on their season. DeMarco Murray has made this team balanced and in turn has made the offensive line and Quarterback Tony Romo able to flourish. It seems as though everything is set up for a blow-out win as the Redskins are mired in a 5-game losing streak. Not so fast, my friends. In the last 6 years, the Cowboys have averaged 11.6 points per game and gone 2-4 IN Landover. The last time the Cowboys scored in the 20s on Redskin turf was 2004. Despite Washington fielding horrible teams, it hasn’t been an easy place to play for these ‘Boys and I don’t expect that to change this year. Not to mention, the Redskins defense is still pretty good despite their offense being putrid. I do see the Cowboys being successful but I will not being going out on a 56-4 limb as radio personality Jeff “Skin” Wade from the “Ben and Skin Show” did this week. Cowboys 19 Redskins 10.

Joe D. Ramirez, Senior Writer: The Cowboys should kill the Redskins.  The Cowboys are a touchdown favorite and have been playing at a very high level the past two weeks.  The Redskins appear to be making a concerted effort to acquire a high draft pick and their players have seemingly checked out for the year.  Here’s why all of the above scares me.  The Cowboys have rarely played well while in the catbird’s seat.  When they are a decided favorite, this group of players brought together by Jerry Jones relaxes.  I don’t think the Redskins are a hungry team, but I do believe they will give a better effort against the Cowboys than they did the Dolphins.  I’m going to give two scores – one presuming the Cowboys play up to their potential against a bad opponent, 34-3; and one based on the past history of the Cowboys easing off the gas against lessor opponents, Cowboys squeak by with a 24 to 19 last minute victory.

Artie Cappello, Staff Writer: I always feel trepidation when the Cowboys play in D.C.. Even in 2007, when we played our best team ball in the Romo era, the Redskins beat us up in their house.  That being said, Shanahan’s ( read : Shananagins) ‘Skins will spit, trip and cheat as well as trip-up and choke their way to failure ( can you tell I’m not a big Redskins fan? ) .  Any boost for the Dallas Cowboys provided by Felix Jones returning to the line up got erased when Fiammetta called in sick. Regardless I like the Cowboys newly balanced Offense to continue their run. Dallas Cowboys 24,  Washington Redskins 13

Tonni Shook, Staff Writer: In week three, Dallas hosted Washington squeaking by with a 18-16 victory.  That was the Cowboys of old.  The Cowboys momentum carries them into week eleven with a bit of swagger.  The running game has opened up, the receiving game is clicking, and Tony Romo is feeling no pain.  Cowboys continue the path to the playoffs:  Cowboys 24 – Redskins 14.

Marney Robinson, Staff Writer: While I’m admittedly biased toward my Cowboys, I think there’s enough evidence to show that when the Cowboys want to be, they are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL.  The problem is they are inconsistent about it.  This week, they face an obviously struggling Redskins team and I see them winning comfortably.  Cowboys 31, Redskins 14.


C. Joseph Wright, Asst Editor and Staff Writer:  The QB will play like it is Rovember, Murray will continue to be his beastly self.  The defense will continue playing well.  Both teams will score near their averages for the season.  The Cowboys will score over 20, the Skins less than 15.  Cowboys win by at least 10.

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