Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to ..."/> Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to ..."/>

NFL Picks and Predictions Week 10: Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills


Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to submit their picks and predictions for the upcoming game. This week, we asked our experts for their opinion on the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Buffalo Bills game on Sunday.

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: The Buffalo Bills come into this game losing two of their last three games. Their quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, has thrown six interceptions in the last four games. And his favorite target, Stevie Johnson, missed practice on Friday with an illness. Combine that with the fact that the Bills have an away game record of 1-2 this season, and all signs point to a home victory for The Boys. If Dallas can take advantage of their redzone opportunities and contain RB Fred Jackson just enough, they can win it big. But ofcourse, this is the Cowboys…and they always make it close.  Dallas 30, Bills 24.

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Ashley Bolton, Staff Writer: Going to be a close game for Romo and Company, but I think the Bills will come out angry after the beating they took last week at home. Without Austin the passing game becomes a little more depleted. Murray needs to have a big game and open up holes for the passing game. I still see the Bills winning this one 24-17.

Robert Diton, Staff Writer: Obviously, the key to this game is stopping Fred Jackson. While Fitzpatrick and Chandler have emerged as play-makers, it’s Jackson that will gash our Cowboys defense if we don’t follow him every single time he’s on the field. However, I do see Tony & the Gang putting him great numbers and outscoring the Bills at home. Cowboys 27, Bills 20.

Seth Jones, Staff Writer: I think the Bills will win. Which makes me want to pick the Cowboys. But I hate myself today, so, out of spite, I’ll do the opposite of what my hate urges me to do. I’m going to say that the Bills beat the Cowboys 21-10. Fred Jackson will throw for a touchdown.

Mark Contreras, Video Contributor & Staff Writer: The Cowboys are coming off some bad performances the past two weeks. If they have any hope of beating a strong Buffalo team, Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray needs to have a 25 carry day and Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to be on his behind for the majority of the afternoon. Cowboys OLB DeMarcus Ware is going to have a huge day against Bills LT Demetrius Bell. Cowboys barely escape this one in OVERTIME and finally have a winning record once more. Cowboys 33 Bills 30 (OT).

Joe D. Ramirez, Senior Writer: I want to say the Cowboys will win. I want to say the defense will force turnovers and the offense will run effectively and then pass with precision.  I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I think these Bills are underrated and they are well coached by former Cowboys head coach Chan Gailey.  Let it be known that the Cowboys can definitely win this game, but it just seems as though they will come out flat.  With Sean Lee playing with only one good wing, with Miles Austin sitting on the sideline, and with Dez Bryant running weak routes, I just can’t see the Cowboys playing well.I think the game will stay close… 17-14 Bills.  Sorry… I know I will be sorry if I’m right.

Artie Cappello, Staff Writer: Don’t expect much ‘get even’ factor for Chan Gailey like when Buffalo played Kansas City.  Jerry Jones has already taken the wind out of any vengeance when he said that his biggest mistake was firing Gailey in the first place. The Bills are better in the Red Zone, but they have to get there by going through Ryan’s D.  How both teams stop the run will be key. I think this week plays out like the NY Jets game, only Tony Romo doesn’t try to force a pass to a clearly covered and out of position Dez Bryant.  This game, DeMarco Murray gets a hand off and kills the clock like Marion the Barbarian used to do. Dallas 27,  Buffalo 21


C. Joseph Wright, Asst. Editor & Staff Writer: Rob Ryan will have a better plan to stop the run.  The secondary will not look like one of the worst units in the league. The offense OL will continue to improve; they will not look horrible.  Romo will play well.  DeMarco will continue to impress.  Cowboys win by at least 7.

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