First of all, what were the Dallas Cowboys thinking? They took a gigantic gamble by relea..."/> First of all, what were the Dallas Cowboys thinking? They took a gigantic gamble by relea..."/>

Cowboy Nation Release Collective Sigh; Dwayne Harris Clears Waivers


First of all, what were the Dallas Cowboys thinking? They took a gigantic gamble by releasing WR Dwayne Harris late yesterday in order to sure-up our decimated offensive line by signing veteran guards Daniel Loper and Montrae Holland. Well, that gamble appears to have paid off as Harris has cleared waivers (somehow) and appears bound for the practice squad.

Although Harris hasn’t recorded a catch all season, he was our primary return man. Now that duty falls squarely on the shoulders of wideout Kevin Ogletree. Hopefully, “catch the ball and run to the endzone” will be an easier gameplan for Ogletree to study this week. (It worked for Forrest Gump: “Run Kevin, Run!!!) I’m glad to see we are rewarding Ogletree for his stellar play this year by giving him additional duties.

Harris was drafted by Dallas in the 6th round this year. The 5’10 wideout from East Carolina was considered to be a steal. And he opened the eyes of every fan in Cowboy Nation when he caught five passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns in the Cowboys’ preseason opener against the Denver Broncos. Since then, Harris has underwhelmed as both a receiver and a special teams returner. I chalked this up to him just being a rookie and this being part of the learning process. Personally, I don’t think they have given Harris much of a chance to show what he can do. But it appears the Cowboys just don’t seem to trust him. Has Harris given them a reason not to?

When Dallas cut him yesterday, I presumed something else was happening with Harris behind the scenes. But according to Head Coach Jason Garrett, that wasn’t the case:

"“He’s done a nice job for us. He made some plays in the preseason as a receiver. And he’s done a nice job as a punt returner and as a kickoff returner, just catching the ball and making some positive, north-south runs. What happened was we got banged up on the offensive line. We’ve been a little light on the offensive line, really for the past three or four weeks. So we wanted to shore up that area, and we felt like we had some alternatives to him as a returner. One of those things that you’d like to continue to develop him, because he’s done some positive things, but at the same time you have to address the needs on your team at the moment.”"

Ok, Coach. What part of development is releasing a player to waivers??? It sounds like Coach is not being entirely truthful about the kid and his “development”. But do we really expect him to be honest here? Obviously the positives didn’t outweigh whatever the negatives are. And you don’t open up a kid to every other NFL team unless you think you can live without him.

To add more confusion to this lunacy, think about the players the Cowboys kept. Why is kicker David Buehler still on the team? I understand the kid has a leg like a mule but can that leg catch touchdowns and run block? Is he seriously getting paid for those ten extra yards he can kick it further than Dan Bailey. Amazing.

WR Jesse Holley has pulled a Houdini. Is his presence on the special teams more important than a kick returner? Why isn’t he on the practice squad…again. Oh, and Ogletree just got promoted despite his obvious flaws. So why cut him? I’m sure there are layers of talent we haven’t yet uncovered in his three years here. Oh, and we just signed Montrae Holland again. This is like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Be looking for the resigning of Terrell Owens soon. Get your popcorn ready! (sigh)

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