Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions game on Sunday


Every week we ask all of The Landry Hat writers and contributors to submit their predictions for the upcoming game and their reasons why. This week, we asked our experts for their opinion on the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Detroit Lions’ game on Sunday.

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: Let’s first consider the undefeated Lions previous opponents: @Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and @Minnesota.  Those teams are among the worst defenses in the league ranking #24, #23 and #20 in total yards allowed respectively. The Cowboy’s defense is ranked 5th. Rob Ryan will contain WR Calvin Johnson and force Detroit to beat us with their non-existent running game. If the game is close, which I think it will be, Dallas has a chance. But I think our offensive execution will struggle to find a rhythm again. Final Score: Dallas 21, Lions 24.

Simus1974, Video Contributor: The Lions are 3-0. The media (NFL NETWORK) are treating them like they 13-0. Romo has shown things I been waiting to see & the Cowboys defense keeps moving on up like The Jeffersons. Cowboys will score some touchdowns but the Lions came to play also. It will be close but Dallas wins 28-21!!

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Joe D. Ramirez, Senior Writer: The Lions are beatable, but are substantially more talented than this wounded Cowboys team they will face this Sunday.  If the Cowboys can effectively run sweeps and give up on the interior run, they may have some balance while negating the talent gap along the line.  Garrett must protect Romo by scheme… roll outs, running backs in pass protection and effective screens will slow the rush.  If the defense can contain the Lions to less than 20 points, the Cowboys have a chance.  I think the defense will meet this goal, but I have little confidence in Garret’s ability to call a good game. Final score: Cowboys 17, LIONS 20.

Ashley Bolton, Staff Writer: The Cowboys have to be on their game this weekend against the Lions! I see this being a nail biter and comes down to a 2 min drive by Romo to set up the game winning field goal. Cowboys 24-21

Robert Diton, Staff Writer: The Lions are flying high and everyone’s dark horse to advance in the playoffs. The Cowboys are coming off two emotional comeback wins and still have a pretty injury-depleted roster. Even so, I see the ‘Boys doing just enough (again) to come out with another victory right before the bye week. Cowboys 27, Lions 20.

Greg Bailey, Staff Writer: Last year, I would have said the Lions don’t have a chance. That was last year. This year, the Cowboys better watch out. This week Fairley possibly makes his debut next to Suh. If you don’t know who Fairley is…You might after this week. He and Suh will be the two best defensive tackles in the NFL sooner than later. Lions 34, Cowboys 13

Artie Cappello, Staff Writer: A healthy Dallas Cowboys team beats these Lions. That being said, Dallas is far from healthy. Jason Garrett will say there are no excuses and the next guy has to step up. I firmly believe that everyone on this team, with the notable exception of Martellus Bennett, will do their best to step up. If  Detroit comes in to Cowboys Stadium comfortable in their new skin (that of frontrunners) we will lose. Ever the fan and the optimist, the Cowboys break their 9 game streak of games decided by 3 points or less and put the Lions in their place: Dallas 28, Detroit 24

Nathan Maxfield, Staff Writer: The past two weeks the Cowboys have pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.  They have overcome injuries, horrible route running by their wide receivers and a center who seems to snap the ball whenever he feels like it.  Last week Detroit had to do their own come back (who isn’t against the Vikings these days?) and won on the road in Minnesota.  The eye test would tell you that the much healthier Lions should win this Sunday.  But with back-to-back road games for a team that historically doesn’t travel well I see it differently.  I think the Cowboys defense will pressure Stafford into making some thus far uncharacteristic mistakes.  I also think that newly crowned hero of Dallas, Tony Romo, will do just enough against the Detroit defense for the Cowboys to knock the Lions out of the class of the undefeated teams in the NFL.  Give me the Cowboys winning 27-24.

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