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We Go Behind Enemy Lines to Ask Six Questions About the Redskins!


One of the great things about working at The Landry Hat, and the Fansided Sports Network, is our access to different experts. Since our network has a site for every NFL team, I’d thought I’d get an insider’s take on the upcoming Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins Monday night match-up from behind enemy lines.

Therefore, I  present six questions with the Lead Writer of Riggo’s Rag Blog, Ryan Estorninos:

1.Your thoughts on Rex Grossman as Washington’s starting quarterback?

RE – I don’t expect him to be a great quarterback, but I expect him to be an “OK” quarterback.  Everyone in the league knows he’s not a “franchise” quarterback.  That’s no secret, but what he has been is a good game manager.  He nearly played a perfect game versus the Giants, and rebounded from two early picks vs. the Cardinals.  He can move the ball, and the offense has confidence in him.  No one expects the Redskins to do well anyway, so for the success so far is a bonus.

2. What is the biggest change you’ve seen since Mike Shanahan took over the team?

More discipline since Gibbs left, and the team is playing as a unit.  I think regardless of last year’s debacle, the team responds and respects him as a man and as a coach.
3.What something that Cowboy fans would be surprised to find out about the Redskins?

RE – The are feisty and will play them tough.  It may be easy for Cowboy fans to overlook this Redskins team because half the team is composed of nameless guys.  But they play harder and are hungrier than the players they replaced.  Fans would be doing themselves a favor to not expect the Cowboys to win by 4 scores.

4. With all the talk about Grossman, no one talks about the defense.  How would you rate Washington’s defensive play so far this year?

RE – Much improved and aggressive.  Dallas is known for its aggressive style of play and theirs is among the best and most feared.  But the Redskins aren’t a pushover.  They will attack the QB, they will stuff the run.  The Redskins held the Giants to 73 rushing yards in the first game.  Being that Felix Jones is not at 100%, this will be something to look out for.  And if Tony Romo is indeed hurt, he would have no favors done for him by being put out there.  With Dallas’s starting center out and three young players on the line.  I would be concerned if I was a Dallas fan.

5. With the emergence of TE Fred Davis, what has happened to TE Chris Cooley?

RE – Nothing.  Davis is getting his due and has finally earned his reps.  Cooley missed all of preseason and much of training camp recovering.  Davis is further along and has had the hot hand.  Cooley is fine with it.  You don’t go anywhere by force feeding a guy who demands a ball, when someone else is thriving.  So far it has worked in Washington’s favor.

6. What is your prediction for the Monday Night Game?

RE – Romo (to me) is not as hurt as everyone makes him out to be.  The Cowboys always have deep talent and they need this game more than the Redskins.  It is at home for them.  They win 17-14.  Do I consider it a lock? No.  My assessment is based on the fact that the Cowboys will play up to the Redskins and play them hard and win a hard fought game.  However, if the Cowboys come in with too much swagger, if Jesse Holley is still celebrating his catch from last week and Tony Romo comes in with a halo at the start of the game…Cowboy fans may be in for a rude awakening.

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