We're starting a new segment this week. We are asking all of The Landry Hat<..."/> We're starting a new segment this week. We are asking all of The Landry Hat<..."/> We're starting a new segment this week. We are asking all of The Landry Hat<..."/>

Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers game


We’re starting a new segment this week. We are asking all of The Landry Hat writers to submit their predictions for the upcoming game and their reasons why. This week, we asked our experts for their opinion on the Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers game.

Steven Mullenax, Editor & Head Writer: The 49ers win last week against the Seahawks was more about special teams then anything else. Both offenses looked terrible. The Cowboys offense will not have that same problem, even without Dez Bryant (questionable). Despite the various injuries the Cowboys have suffered, I still think their offensive firepower is enough to get it done against the 49ers. Cowboys over the 49ers, 37-24.

Seth Jones, Staff Writer: Neither team will win. The 49ers will simply lose. The Cowboys will complain that they still deserve the “W” in the win column, so the NFL will be merciful and grant Dallas credit for the victory. 26-10, Cowboys.

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Ashley Bolton, Staff Writer:  I believe that if the Cowboys can play the way they did for 3 1/2 quarters on Sunday that there is not reason why they shouldn’t beat the 49ers. The Jets are one of the best teams in the AFC and the Cowboys out played them. I think DeMarcus Ware is going to have a huge game and I also believe that Romo and the Cowboy wide receivers are going to have a field day with the San Fran defense. I think the final score will be 24-14 Cowboys.

Robert Diton, Staff Writer: Will the Dallas defense recover from their injures to slow down Frank Gore, Braylon Edwards, and Vernon Davis? Will Tony Romo be able to put aside the media distractions to lead the offense against Patrick Willis and Carlos Rogers? I say yes to both: Cowboys 28, 49ers 14

Nathan  Maxfield, Staff Writer: After rebounding from last week’s collapse, the Cowboys go on the road to renew a classic rivalry against the long time nemesis 49ers.  The 49ers relied on special team explosions to beat the putrid Seattle Seahawks while the Cowboys barely lost on the road to the Super Bowl contending NY Jets.  I don’t think the 49ers and Ted Ginn have another explosion up their sleeve and that will leave the game to Alex Smith… Cowboys rebound and win big – 31-13!

Greg Bailey, Staff Writer: This week I find myself with a feeling of, “We let one get away.” I don’t find myself with this attitude this week. I don’t think this will be the same type of game from the 90’s, and the Cowboys will get one notch on the belt. Final Score: Dallas 27, SF 17

C. J. Wright, Staff Writer: The Cowboys lost last week, but they did not get beat by the Jets. If either Bryant or Austin is close to 100%, then the supporting cast of Romo, Witten, and Jones will be enough for them to continue playing like an elite unit that will score more than 20 points every week. I expect the defense to get better and better under Ryan. Neither QB Smith nor RB Gore looked very impressive last week, and I don’t expect Ginn to return 2 kicks for TDs any time soon, so even if Ball and McCann both have to play a significant number of snaps, the defense should play well enough to secure a victory.

Artie Cappello, Staff Writer: Remember when the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers were the two best teams in the league? When these storied franchises met in the playoffs it was considered the real Superbowl, the must see game!… Remember? My,  how things have changed. Use to be ‘Clash of the Titans‘, now it’s ‘The Teams That Fell to Earth‘.

This weeks Cowboys-49ers match-up most likely doesn’t even get a national audience, only to be seen in the San Francisco and Dallas areas. If  Dallas had beaten the Jets last week, this game had trap game written all over it. Since we didn’t win, I expect this to be a statement game for the Cowboys. At least they will try to make a statement. The 49ers have some good players and I expect them to be well coached. Though there is a chance that they will run the ball and try to control time of possession keeping Romo and the potent Cowboys offense off the field, my guess is they use the Jets approach and will try and test our secondary with mild success. That being said the Cowboys should win this game solidly, if not easily. Jason Garrett will not let his team take the 49ers lightly and risk going 0-2. We need to be careful of the return ability of Ted Ginn Jr. . We do that and this game is a much needed W. Cowboys 27- 49ers 17

Joe D. Ramirez, Senior Writer: I see the game being substantially closer than many people believe. The last time Rob Ryan game planned for the San Francisco 49ers during the regular season was week 5 of 2006 (Ryan is less familiar with SF’s personnel). Ryan took the Jets into overtime in 2010 with the Browns and his defense played quite well against the Jets last week with questionable talent at corner. With a new coaching staff from the college ranks in SF, Ryan will be going in blind.

I like Frank Gore better than Shonn Green. I have concerns that Romo will be overprotective with the ball and we will see more balls thrown underneath and not down the field. It will be frustrating and the Cowboys will kick more field goals than achieve touchdowns.

19-17 Cowboys, but Ginn will not score a touchdown on a kick return.

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