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Nice Try, Terry Glenn.


There is a good debate going on over at Hashmarks, who has a critical piece up today on Jerry Jones‘ decision to release embattled and oft-injured wide receiver Terry Glenn. I love me some Hashmarks, and I laughed at his “outer space” analogy, but I think he is being a bit too tough on Jerry.

First off, Glenn had his chance. Known for being a thorn, Glenn held out for months on signing a $500,000 injury waiver. I think his hold out soured a coaching staff counting on some young guys showing up with talent this season. I don’t think anyone was necessarily “counting” on Glenn as Hashmarks contends; sure, the Dallas Cowboys would have loved to have some output from Glenn. If anything, the fans were counting on Glenn. I know I was.

We’d be lying if there isn’t a slight hint of worry that we don’t have a true third wide out, but people seem to easily forget the success of the offense last year without crabapple Glenn. The Dallas Cowboys did just fine on offense last year, right? Are we missing something here? And who exactly has a good third wide receiver? Who has a better combo than Jason Witten-Terrell Owens-Marion Barber?

So, Glenn calls reporters and tells them that he has agreed to sign the injury waiver. He’s going to be a Cowboy. Then he is released. So, what really happened here? Did Glenn play the Cowboys and reporters? Did Glenn try to play the victim card here? Nice Try, Terry. Nice try.

The comments section at Hashmarks has some good debate. Some believe Jones was a bit harsh on Glenn. Again, Jones did not drag out this contract talk.

This comment ran true:

RealSamoyed (6 hours ago)

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Your tone and choice of words makes it sound like you were the one cut and not Glenn. Let’s see…preposterous, lame, embarrassing…come on man, settle down. None of this would have ever happened if Glenn would have signed his split contract and gone about his business. He got paid something like a million per play last year. A reasonable person would think that he might owe JJ a little latitude. The bottom line is that Glenn threw a fit, made some threats about being released, and demanded even more money after last year’s theft. He even fired his agent when the man tried to talk some sense into him. Why are you going after JJ? If you really think about it, Glenn is the fly in the ointment. You do realize that he just played ESPN like a card today with his newsflash exclusive that he had “agreed to the split contract.” He knew full and well he was about to be released. This newsflash was a desperate media ploy to force JJ’s hand. He was counting on the gullible to buy into the emotion of the moment. I didn’t think you would fall victim to such an obvious trick. Oh no, the big bad owner cut me just when I stopped throwing my tantrum and wanted to act like an adult. Give me a break. That newsflash is just another fine example of why Glenn had to go. All Glenn had to do was sign his split contract, keep his mouth shut, and play football. JJ was pumping the guy up all offseason until Glenn turned on him. Glenn deserved this, how you can’t see this is beyond me.

There is talk that Glenn could return to the Cowboys, although it doesn’t really seem feasible. The Glenn saga is over. We wish him luck.