Mock Draft: Dallas Grabs WR, RB With First Round Picks

Team1st Round

1. Miami Dolphins -Glen Dorsey DT, LSU

  • By far the toughest and strongest tackle in the draft. The Dolphins need to replenish an aging defense and here is the core.
2. St. Louis Rams –OT Jake Long, Michigan

  • The Rams couldn’t cope with the injuries to the O line this year and they need a young gun to come start right away. Stephen Jackson is ordering this pick and it will help him gain more yards. Long is the best out there,
3. Atlanta Falcons – RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

  • Warrick Dunn is not going much further. With all of the problems the Falcons have had this year, nothing could help more than a new super star. McFadden fits the mold.

4. Oakland Raiders –DE Chris Long, Virgina

  • Boy did the Raiders defense shit the bed this year. They don’t have any force up front and Chris Long may not be there at the fourth spot. If he is, Raiders would be dumb to let him slide more. He’ll help immediately.

5. Kansas City Chiefs –QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

  • The Chiefs have serious QB problems and are learning fast that never is a former Alabama QB going to be the answer to their problems. Matt Ryan could be a star and that is exactly what the Chiefs and Dwayne Bowe need.
6. New York Jets – DT Sedrick Ellis, USC

  • Ellis is a solid pick for the Jets who didn’t have much pressure on opposing quarterbacks. With having to face Tom Brady twice a year for the next 10 years, Ellis could help keep the score a little bit closer.
7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) –Dan Connor, OLB Penn St.

  • I know this is a stretch, but with Ohio State linebacker Laurinaitas staying in Ohio, Connor might be the best fit.

8. Baltimore Ravens –DE Calais Campbell, Miami (Fl)

  • This guy can sack. Ravens love sacks. They love good defense. Campbell is a monster. Ravens love monsters. What a fit.

9. Cincinnati Bengals –OLB Keith Rivers, USC

  • The Bengals are horrid on defense. They could easily pick seven defensive players in a row and trade Chad Johnson for another defensive player. Keith Rivers is a 6’3″ 245 pound machine who can stop the run with his decent speed.
10. New Orleans Saints – Antoine Cason, CB Arizona

  • The Saints could use a big play stopper and Cason has proven he fits that need.

11. Buffalo Bills –WR Limus Sweed, Texas

  • The Bills are up and coming and Sweed could put them over the top if the Bills Edwards is the answer at QB. Time will tell, but he will nicely fill out an improved receiving corps.

12. Denver Broncos –DE Vernon Gholston – Ohio St.

  • The Broncos have a lot of needs but the defense could use a pass rusher to help slow down opposing offenses who piled the points on the Broncos this year.
13. Carolina Panthers-OT Ryan Clady, Boise St.

  • Protect the Quarterback. Clady will. More time for whoever is back there for the Panthers in 08 means Steve Smith has more opportunities to score.

14. Chicago Bears –OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh

  • Absolutely no running game hurt the Bears. Was it the poor blocking? Maybe. Jeff Otah is a beast. Run behind him and they yardage should improve for whoever starts in the Bears backfield next year.

15. Detroit LionsOT Michael Oher, Mississippi

  • The offensive line for the Lions gave up a ton of sacks this year. If Jon Kitna had some protection, maybe the Lions would have won 10 games. What the hell am I saying? Forget that.
16. Arizona Cardinals –CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

  • I really would like to put Talib in the hands of the Cowboys, but I just think he increased his value in the bowl game against VA Tech. He looked great and has amazing speed. Possibly the best corner available. The Cardinals do need a corner.

17. Minnesota Vikings –DE Quentin Groves, Auburn

  • Imagine improving that Vikings defense? Groves can do it. In fact, I am stretching putting him this low. This guy may move up in future mocks.
18. Houston Texans –OT Sam Baker, USC

  • The Texans are coming along, aren’t they? It looks like Matt Schaub is the answer. So, why not protect him? Baker is one of the top OT out there and will help protect the QB and open up some holes.
19. Philadelphia Eagles –CB Mike Jenkins, USF

  • The Eagles secondary is heralded but aging. Jenkins is a badass. I like this guy.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –WR Early Doucet, LSU

  • Possibly a steal. I have no idea how much longer Joey GAlloway will play, but Doucet is a great No. 2 man for the Bucs. He has great hands that will make up for his lack of speed. He is a great 3rd down receiver who will always catch the ball.

21. Washington Redskins –DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

  • Harvey led the Gators in sacks this year. The Redskins would love him to lead sacks for them. He could.
22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) –Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

  • Replacing Terry Glenn is key and Manningham should be able to help the Cowboys immediately. Yes, cornerback is probably a top need, but it is very likely the Cowboys will address those holes in free agency.
23. Seattle Seahawks –RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

  • If the playoffs didn’t clue you in, Shaun Alexander is finished. Felix Jones will help the Seahawks immediately and might keep them in the playoffs for a few more years.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers –OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma

  • The Steelers are likely to lose OG Alan Faneca to free agency so if you want to keep that running game rolling, they must keep a solid offensive line.

25. Tennessee Titans –WR Malcom Kelly, Oklahoma

  • Who plays wideout for the Titans again? I honestly don’t know who it is. Maybe that is why Malcom Kelly will probably lead the team in catches in 08.
26. New York Giants –CB/S Reggie Smith, Oklahoma

  • The Giants took hits all over their secondary. Reggie Smith may not be here at this pick, but if he is, the Giants are sure to bite.
27. San Diego Chargers –OLB Ali Highsmith, LSU

  • A run sniffer. Backs hate running into him. He seems to swarm to the ball.
28. Jacksonville JaguarsWR DeSean Jackson, Cal

  • Although I almost put Jackson in the hands of the Cowboys, the Jags could use him, too. If he does get picked by the Cowboys, then maybe the Jags snag Manningham.
29. Dallas CowboysRB Rashard Menndall, Illinois

  • Julius Jones is gone. He needs to be replaced. The draft is loaded with backs and since I have Felix Jones going earlier, Menndall might be the best bet here.
30. Green Bay Packers-FS Kenny Phillips, Miami

  • Phillips can play free or strong safety. The Packers won’t mind snagging a position player here.

31. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts)Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

  • The 49ers must open holes for Frank Gore.Williams is the best  left to help do that.


  • Damn cheaters.