October 8, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego State Aztecs tight end Gavin Escobar (88) rolls over in the end zone following a 16-yard touchdown reception during the third quarter against the TCU Horned Frogs at Qualcomm Stadium. TCU won 27-14. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Mismanage Worst Draft Since 2000

The 2013 NFL Draft was critical for the Dallas Cowboys. They had to get this one right. After finishing 8-8 for the last two seasons and barely missing the playoffs both years, head coach Jason Garrett needed a strong draft class to bolster his roster going into the 2013-14 season. But after completing what is probably the storied franchise’s worst draft in over ten years, Garrett will be lucky to keep his job, much less make the post season.

The Cowboys’ underwhelming draft started by trading down in the first round. The Cowboys traded the 18th pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 31st selection and a third round pick (74th overall). According to many NFL Draft Trade Value Charts, Dallas should have received a second round pick for that move, not a third. The physical reaction in the Dallas War Room after the trade clearly showed frustration with this decision. Assistant director of player personnel Tom Ciskowski didn’t look happy after vice president Stephen Jones hung up the phone with the 49ers. The two had an animated exchange afterwards. Garrett, dumbfounded I’m sure, was said to have looked like his dog just died.

With the 31st pick, the Cowboys selected the top rated center in the Draft, Travis Frederick out of Wisconsin. Many experts, including Mel Kiper Jr. and Mike Mayock, expected Frederick to last until the third round. An although the Wisconsin center/guard is a solid pick, he does not possess first round talent. You expect more then just “solid” with your top pick. You want a Pro Bowler. You want a future Hall of Famer. Frederick is just solid and he could have been selected later in the draft. The next highest rated center, Alabama’s Barrett Jones, didn’t get picked until the middle of the fourth round.

With their second round pick, the Cowboys choose a tight end. Dallas had needs on the offensive line, defensive line, defensive backfield, offensive backfield, wide receiver corps, and possibly at quarterback. Tight end is not on that list. Still, Jerry Jones decided he wanted Gavin Escobar from San Diego State University. Let’s not beat around the bush. Gavin Escobar looks a lot like New England’s Rob Gronkowski, minus his speed and blocking ability. And Jerry Jones wants to run the Patriot’s tight end-friendly offense in Dallas. Here’s the problem with that: Jason Garrett is not Bill Belichick. And although I like Tony Romo, he’s not Tom Brady. And what does bringing in a second round tight end do to the development of the tight end you drafted last year, James Hanna? It stunts his growth, that’s what it does. Escobar may be a great catching tight end, but this was the wrong pick in the wrong round for this franchise.

With the first of their two third round selections, Dallas selected Terrance Williams, wideout from Baylor. This is a classic case of falling love with a local guy. But everything I’ve seen about this kid screams Kevin Ogletree. With other higher rated names like California’s Keenan Allen, Louisiana Tech ‘s Quinton Patton and Texas’ speedster Marquise Goodwin still on the board, taking Williams was a pure homer pick. And with so many other needs left unaddressed, the location of this pick is simply mind-boggling.

With their final third round selection, the Cowboys selected safety J.J. Wilcox. Finally, they address a need again. Unfortunately, this kid is not ready to help you immediately. This is a developmental player who played only one year at safety. The former half-back and slot receiver will now be a special teams player until he improves himself.

Dallas had their shot at getting a quality starting safety like LSU’s Eric Reid, but Stephen Jones said Reid was “too rich” to pick at #18. That’s funny coming from the son of a billionaire. Instead, the 49ers trade the Cowboys for that pick and select…Reid. Guess he wasn’t “too rich” for the team that made it to the Super Bowl last season, huh? The Cowboys also passed on safeties Matt Elam (Florida) and Jonathan Cyprien (Florida International), who were both taken back-to-back after Dallas’ pick at #31.

And just as Dallas appeared it would start addressing some needs, they turnaround and select B.W. Webb with their fourth round pick, a corner back out of William & Mary. With Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick firmly entrenched in the corner positions, this pick this high in the draft is simply idiotic and will most likely cost someone their job. This should have been the spot the Cowboys took a chance and selected running back Marcus Lattimore. Or how about UCLA’s running back Johnathan Franklin? I could have even seen Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones here. Instead, we get a special teams player who doesn’t like to tackle and who could “possibly” contribute in dime packages. I understand you need corners and linebackers to fill the special teams roster, but get those players in as undrafted free agents, not in the fourth round of the NFL Draft! This is getting ridiculous.

The one saving grace of this entire draft class could be the Cowboys’ fifth round selection of Joseph Randle, running back from Oklahoma State. ESPN Draft Guru Mel Kiper Jr. named Randle this year’s Alfred Morris. The OSU star led the Big 12 with 1,417 rushing yards last season, hitting pay-dirt 14 times. At 6-foot-4 and 204 pounds, Randle is a physical runner who is a good blocker and he also has a good pair of hands. Unfortunately, he doesn’t possess blazing speed as he had relatively slow combine 40 times of 4.54, 4.60 and 4.63. Still, this pick at least make sense and is a great value in the fifth round. Randle could be the only reason this draft class isn’t considered one of the worst in Dallas Cowboys’ history.

With the Cowboys’ final pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the final “thud” of what was a lame draft was ended appropriately. Dallas snatched South Carolina linebacker DeVonte Holloman from the jaws of undrafted free agency with their sixth round selection. The 6’2 Holloman played three years at safety before bulking up to 241 lbs. to play outside linebacker. Holloman, who is a Philadelphia Eagles fan and who’s father is a Washington Redskins fan, who now cashes his checks out of Dallas. Oh, one more thing. He was arrested in 2011 for a D.U.I. and suspended for the first two games of his final season by the university. Exactly what we needed! Another player with a D.U.I. issue. Bravo, Cowboys. Bravo.

Some of you may be asking yourselves: Why is this the worst mismanaged draft since 2000? Checkout the all-stars we selected back then:

2nd Round, 49th pick: Dwayne Goodrich, DB, Tennessee
4th Round, 109th pick: Kareem Larrimore, DB, West Texas A&M
5th Round, 144th pick: Michael Wiley, RB, Ohio St.
6th Round, 180th pick: Mario Edwards, DB, Florida St.
7th Round, 219th pick: Orantes Grant, LB, Georgia

Look at list of bums! And I mean that literally. I think most of them now live on the streets. Many may disagree and may think that the 2009 draft or even the 2001 draft is worse. Damn. There are so many to choose from, right?

But I consider the 2001 selection of quarterback Quincy Carter makes his class slightly better then the 2000 draft class. And although none of them are on the team anymore, the selections of linebacker Victor Butler, kicker David Buehler, quarterback Stephen McGee, and tight end John Phillips in 2009 are way less depressing then what went down in the year 2000.

What can not be disputed is that the Dallas Cowboy’s front office, coaching staff and scouting department should all be blamed for the way they mismanaged this year’s Draft. And the ultimate result is probably another lack-luster season. The only hope the Cowboys have now are in all those injured players from last year who should be returning to the roster.

Finally, I really do like some of these players. I do. I just don’t like the picks and how it all went down. That’s why I believe this has been one of the Cowboys’ worst drafts ever. But after almost twenty years with one playoff win under our belts, and the same general manager the entire time, did you really expect anything different?

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  • Glennsta

    Like Lattermore would have contributed at all those season. Landry might end up being a UFA. Yeah your secondary was solid because NONE of those guys tend to get hurt right? Neither does any of your receivers OR witten. Murray doesn’t either right? Even if he does , I suppose you like Felix as your starter? Why were you guys not converting on 3rd down a lot last season? That miiiiight because you guys had nobody to throw to underneath!
    Two tight end sets will help you with that.

    • Glennsta

      As will utilizing your slot receiver position with quickness and short routes underneath. Jerry is correcting the issue with this team. That issue always has been this offense is big play or nothing. I think this change in philosophy will help with this new depth and current talent

      • dfar

        the sad thing is —the guy who wrote this —is obviously not fond of the cowboys—-and not to bright when it comes to understanding the big picture—-which would take some one with enough of an I Q to even begin to understand these selections
        but he is the type that because of the response to his comments —will feel he has accomplished something in journalism —LMAO

        altho I do wonder about the DT position ????.

        • Chad Keller

          Monte kiffen said on 105.3 the fan that they are comfortable with the depth on d-line. I’ll take his word for it more then ours.

        • junkRG

          yep.. keeping espn draft board as the only source is not the smartest option.

  • wheeltax

    Does this site ever post anything positive? How can you say this draft is a bad one before these players have so much as put on a helmet with a star on it? At a certain point it gets a little ridiculous. Any one or all of these players could turn out to be Pro Bowlers in the pros. Tell me in two or three years how the 2013 draft was – don’t tell me now, unless you can predict the future.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      I agree it is too early to tell about how this year’s draft will turn out. But based on who they could have drafted, the draft was a failure Do you really think that trading down from the first round, obtaining only another third round pick in exchange and then drafting a projected third rounder in the first round would be considered good drafting? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact I would consider it to be really stupid. I also agree with Chad that it was a decent draft. However, decent just won’t get it in the NFL. And I also agree that any one of the players can turn out to be pro bowlers but it is more likely to happen with players who were first round picks. However, having been a fan since 1963 and suffering through the last 15 or so years, I hope you are right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1580814921 Michael Murley

      Yeah right, they are gonna way over pay for the center and whos to say he even pans out, then the only other cat that will get regular playing time is the rcvr from Baylor. This is the worst draft the Boys have ever made! Tom and Tex both are still spinning in their respective graves. Jimmy is out in the gulf fishing and laughing at Jerry, hell even Barry Switzer is laughing at him. One player they drafted this weekend will fill a need and the rest are developmental players the boys needed more o-line, d-line and olb help. Should have traded up for one of the OT or guards or lord help us maybe even for a change drafted a player from UT and got Vacaro at Safety. Any of those moves would have made more sense that what Jerry did over hte last three days.

  • tlhsux

    Eh, even if 6/7 of these players straight up don’t even make the roster coming out of training camp, it would still be an improvement on 09. Because at least there would still be a chance that three years later we’d have someone left from this draft.

  • Eazy

    Cant disagree with this more. The draft certainly started off poorly. I think we likely could have gotten Frederick in the 2nd and used the 1st on Elam, but it would be an awful draft if we didn’t get a quality offensive lineman. Jerry an co. were unwilling to risk getting a starter on the oline. That is certainly understandable. Wiliams and Webb are solid picks, both will likely replace Austin and Scandrick in the upcoming years. Landry Jones, Lattimore or Franklin would likely have less impact on this team than Webb. I’m not sure why you hate that pick so much. Especially with getting Randle in the 5th, makes there no need to draft Franklin. You need to chill out, seriously.

  • Chad Keller

    This is pure ridiculous. This was a decent draft. We filled a lot of needs here. I liked our draft class and I trust our scouts now since Garrett has been coach. It’s only April and lets see how this book turns out. We haven’t even got to camp yet

    • http://www.silverandbluecrew.com/ Stacy Justice

      Well said Chad

    • ta

      I agree on waiting but that Escobar pick was a terrible call in the 2nd round. So much talent and we could have even had Ertz if they are looking at a center. When I watched the combine, I kept asking myself “who is that tall guy that runs weird?” It was Escobar and he needs a lot of help in his blocking ability. Optimism aside for a minute, there were a lot of players that would have been there for that pick – Lacy and Warford would sure look good with a star for example.

  • Preach

    Man u on some PCP, Holloman our 6 pick may be our best,T. Will is a Beast,Randle is just as good as Murray & Fredrick open holes for Montee Ball that were bigger than Eric williams & Larry Allen did 4 Emmit.

  • dee

    I cant disagree with you more. You are not even a scout. Just because they didnt pick the players you want this is the worst draft since 2000. Are you kidding me. You havent even seen these players on the field yet. Terrence williams screams ogletree, get out of here with that. Ogletree never had the talent or production this kid had coming out of college. Tony is tom brady which is true but that does not mean the cowboys cant use the two tight end system. You are obviously irrational and i can tell not a real knowledgeable football. Every single one of these players except holloman were highly touted by scouts throughout the draft process from the senior bowl on. These could turn out to be good or bust but to not even give them a chance because your a butt hurt fan who didnt get the toy you wanted for christmas is just to put ir frankly is stupid. Know your stuff before you try to put your self out there as a scout on your so called website that is putting out terrible scouting reports on players which the website knows nothing about.

  • DisplacedCowboysFan

    THL is garbage at this point. Seriously, they’re all the way in Bleacher Report territory now. You’ve got some of the best minds in football calling this a strong/solid draft for the Cowboys with some even saying it’s the best draft the Cowboys have had in years but yet they post this garbage. Yup, sure sounds like bleacher report to me.

  • sheephead

    Haha…getting torched son!

  • http://www.facebook.com/carden.hedelt Carden W. Hedelt

    The word is that the scouts had Frederick higher than Pugh. Shariff Floyd might come back to haunt us on that first round pick but I think anything other than OL on that first pick would have been deadpanned. The scouts might be wrong, yes, but why have them if you’re not going to listen to them? And, at 31, if your scouts had a 2nd round grade on Frederick, as some do, it’s a few picks off. Figure in the run on linemen in the first round and it’s not that big a deal.

    I have no problems with adding a 6’6 tight end with great hands. How many times last year were the Cowboys limited to 1 TE sets? Imagine what this does in the red zone.

    I have a problem with drafting Lattimore as a backup for Murray because you never back up an injury worry with another injury worry. That’s really f_cking stupid.

    I have no problems with drafting a corner when there are only 3-4 on the starting roster.

    I have a problem with burning a draft pick on a 24 y.o. qb after signing the starter for six years. You can snag one of those undrafted this year.

    I do not care if a guy is a fan of another team (I care exponentially less about the fandom of his father). It’s in his best interest to be the best player he can in Dallas.

    I used to write for this site and the standard of writing is disgraceful. You cannot expect to be taken seriously and use ‘we’ when referring to the team.

    • http://www.facebook.com/carden.hedelt Carden W. Hedelt

      Every time I read it I get dumber

    • blurghblh

      I agree with almost all of this. One thing – we didn’t draft Lattimore, we picked up Randle

    • http://www.silverandbluecrew.com/ Stacy Justice

      I kinda see where you’re coming from on Floyd possibly haunting us, but I think you still have to look at at it Frederick and Williams vs. Floyd.

      I agreed with pretty much everything you said, but you lost me with the last statement (as one of the writers, I’d like to think I do alright). Good rebuttal otherwise.

  • coral springsboy

    you should write for another team. It sounds like you wouldnt be happy no matter how the boys worked this. Do you want them to take best players on their board or yours?

    • ta

      and what QB is he talking about? I guess you did write in the past – but it sounds like for ESPN

  • capnb

    You say this is the worst draft ever but you like some of the players drafted,
    uh what ?

  • brutus

    Its laughable how many posters defend Jerry on this board. He basically forfeited the chance of an extra 2nd round draft pick for a third rounder in a trade that was gravy to the 49ers. Then he picks the slowest center in 20 years of the draft …. Speed is unimportant in the oline you say? Oh yeah, the Giants are sharpening their carving knives.

    For a TE in the second round, seriously, he runs a 4.84 and can’t block. What does that sound like? A slow WR.

    The laughs just keep coming

    • http://www.facebook.com/oscarg63 Oscar Garcia

      when is the last time you saw an offensive linemen run 40 consecutive yards in a game..

  • echeese

    First trip to the site. Steve, clearly you don’t know squat about T Williams, great value and a need spot or do you not watch the Cowboys? Miles Austin is a constant injury risk and now can be let go after the year. Webb? Yep, same with him and Oraldo Scandrick. BTW, last trip to the site.

  • Stwag92


  • PaulTX

    I agree Steven. Cowboys should have never done this trade with the 49ers. I’m not saying a trade shouldn’t be done, but this particular one was idiotic. We had Long or Pugh at 18, and we could have got Warford or Frederick in the 2nd round. Frederick wasn’t the wrong player, just picked in the wrong round. Escobar is a good player, just not a need in Dallas. Same with Williams. Our first two picks should have been OL. I could have lived with a Safety or DT, if the right player was available, but again at least two of our first four picks should have been OL. I liked the J.J. Wilcox pick. He was the right player at the right time. Same with Randle. RB’s are short-lived, and I think a team should draft at least one every season. The only way Web makes sense is if they are converting him to Safety, but he seems too small for that. I agree with you on Holloman.

    Seems a lot of people like to comment trash on articles. It’s ok to disagree, but it seems we have a lot of people who cannot act civil.

    The Internet is a good protection for cowards. I miss the days when people had to insult you to your face.

    • ‘mericas_team2013

      Frederick is rated higher that both Long and Pugh on most boards, they made the right pick here over either of those two.

      • PaulTX

        You are right, but I trust the fact that other NFL teams drafted Long and Pugh first more than the boards. Warford went 3rd round and he was rated higher than all three. I will be interested to see how Frederick turns out. I am hopeful.

        • ‘mericas_team2013

          I think the thing about Long and Pugh is the fact that they were similar to Cooper, more athletic than mauler type guys. It really depends on what each team is looking for, I believe that Dallas has faith(for some reason) in the guards it has right now. They have seemed to lean toward the more athletic guys and I truly think that they figured they would be able to choose from either of those two at 31 along with Sly Williams and Eric Reid, I know I thought everyone of them would be there at 31 and a couple at least 1 at 47(Im not the only one either), but they weren’t. Our biggest issue on oline last year wasn’t the sides of the pocket collapsing it was the middle so a big center helps alot

          • PaulTX

            You’re right. I think Free will play much better if we improve in the middle. Frederick is not athletic, but at center he can get away with it. It’s more important that he is smart. But part of him getting away with not being athletic is being strong at the guard position, which the Cowboys were not last season. The frustration I feel is not aimed at Frederick. He was the best center in the draft. It was a lack of activity in free agency and draft picks to address an obvious need.

          • ‘mericas_team2013

            I agree, I was upset at first too but came to realize it was more about the lack of return we received in the trade down. Frederick is apparently a very smart guy also, so hopefully that helps him win the center position easily, keep Costa as a back up C, and let Cook play swing guard or possibly earn a starting spot, he played respectably well last year at center and has played guard. If Free and Parnell are unable to separate from each other or a different tackle isn’t picked up, keep the rotation going it seemed to work, Im sure better guard play will help also. When June 1st comes around we may see a couple moves then but it is hard to say, I would rather stay put for now and try to start working on cap issues.

          • PaulTX

            Seems Jones is counting on Leary and Arkin to do the job. I haven’t kept up with their development, but by the look on the face of Jason Garrett and the rest of the Cowboys staff, Jerry dropped the ball. I think if those two guys are able to step up, more people would know about it. Even the staff writers were baffled about the draft. I love this team, but our only playoff wins have been 2 wildcard wins in 17 seasons. That’s pathetic. I like Cook at guard as well. At least over the guys we had last season.

          • ‘mericas_team2013

            Even I am baffled by it. I have faith in Leary as a right guard but not a LG. Im still confused as to why Arkin is on the roster while Nagy was let go to Detroit, he should’ve been placed on IR so no one could claim him. I thought after seeing Alvin Bailey go undrafted, that they would chase him as hard as they did Leary last season. To me 2 seasons without so much as stepping on the field in one regular season game says enough to me about Arkin. Ray Dominguez could be an interesting option also if they can get any improvement from him at least as a reserve guy. For tackles I would just throw Parnell into the fire and see how he does if Free doesn’t take a paycut. Im guessing Free, like Sensabaugh(should be offered a reasonable contract just to see if he’ll come back get rid of Allen) will likely not be picked up and could possibly be brought back at a much lower price.

    • Eazy

      Cowboys did not seem to like Warford very much. While he was high on many draft analysts boards, he was not high on the Cowboys board. So while, it is easy to second guess taking Frederick at 31 (I myself would have preferred Elam or Cyprien at 31 and taken Frederick in the 2nd), how many other linemen did they have starting quality grades on? There may not have been another. In which case, losing out on Frederick would have been a disaster. I don’t believe the trade worked out like they believed it would. Pugh and Long came off the board immediately, as well as Reid who they essentially traded to the 9ers. I imagine the Cowboys believed they would have their pick of Frederick, Pugh and Long at 31 and instead they were forced to take Frederick rather than run the risk of not getting a quality lineman.

      • PaulTX

        That is a valid point. Keep in mind that DT was on the need list, and there was a damn good one available. I think Cyprien was a gamble, but I would have taken Elam. There were better trades to be made than the one made with the 49ers. The thing I have seen from JJ in interviews is that he basically ignores his scouts and coaches and “goes with his gut” on picks. He also has the philosophy to draft “the best player available” rather than address needs. Scary…

  • dfr

    okay—here’s the deal—-the guy that wrote this will feel some delusional sense of accomplishment due to the response of readers———even tho his overview of the choices clearly indicates his lack of football knowledge on the professional level—-his ability to have people like me respond —keeps him in rent money—-would be nice to read a comment with more insight and introspective —but then again —-he just not a deep thinker but entertaining —I suppose

    altho I did wonder aboutt the DT——–did they sing winstoin ?

    • http://www.silverandbluecrew.com/ Stacy Justice

      No.. Nothing on Winston but were still in talks with Clabo. Wanted to wait until after the draft to see where they were.

  • Juanito Juanito

    hope the picks were smart and strong guys, thats what cowboys need, no big names and divas

    • ‘mericas_team2013

      Frederick is said to have scored a 34 of 50 on the wonderlic which I guess is really really good

  • kurumba

    Why all this grumbling & whining?? If these guys play good all the WHINING will evaporate correct??? Hey remember the RB RASHAD MENDENHALL v. FELIX JONES in the particular draft??? DO YOU REMEMBER??? I do. It was “oh why didn’t they take Mendenhall he will be a much better player.” WHERE IS MENDENHALL SINCE??? THE GUY HARDLY PLAYS… EVEN PITTSBURGH DUMPED HIM!!! Last year it was”oh why didn’t they take DT Fletcher Cox”. Well WHAT HAS DT BARRY COX doen for the Eagles??? What?? I hardly even noticed Cox on the field. Its Ditto for DT Floyd and Safeties Elam & Reid et al. Shango & Co state that S Reid will be a starter for the next 4 years. Well that’s pure conjecture at this stage. We shall see. Well LET’S SEE where these guys end up…. let’s FIRST SEE who does what on the Football field. LET’S FIRST SEE ABOUT THE PURPORTED MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY COST. What about the G-Men taking Pugh??? Most had Pugh deep into Rd 2… But No NO WHINING HERE!!! PETE PRISCO FROM CBS HAS GIVEN EVERY DALLAS PICK A B- AT WORST. PRISCO LOVES WILLCOX WILLIAMS AND HOLLOMAN. OH AND FREDERICKS IS CLASSED AS A MAULER TOUGH GUY ROAD GRADER.

  • kurumba


  • http://www.facebook.com/delain.j.johnson Delain J Johnson

    What a BS article. Lets see the Cowboys had a serious problem on the interior of the Offensive line, Hmmm what should they do? How about take the best rated center who is from a school that historically churns out quality offensive lines. You may not agree on where he was picked, Fredrick is the futture starting center for years to come. Everyone says protect Romo, until they actually pick someone to protect Romo. Second they pick and athletic pass catching tight end to improve there 2 tight end package, then get a steel in the drafting of a receiver in Williams. Last year our receiving corps was decimated by injuries so why not bolster that. Couls be Miles last year if he can’t stay healthy we may have just found his replacement. Then in the fifth round drafted a good running back that should be able to spell Murray and is the same type of runner as Murray so if Murray does get hurt again, just plug in Randle and continue to play. All 4 players designed to help Romo and the offense. Now the last 3 picks all designed to help out secondary. I love Church and think he is the future, but is comming off achilis tear, Johnson couldn’t get on the field due to injury so draft Wilcox, looks to be a solid player, We lost Jenkins so draft wilcox. Linbackers was another position we got killed at so we drafted for depth. I would have prefered a DT earlier in the draft but you don’t get everything you want in the draft.

  • MarkRP

    Frederick would have been available later. Barrett Jones lasted until the FOURTH! Dallas could have traded down AGAIN and picked up more picks.
    Having said that, the only pick I really don’t like is Webb. Why did nearly every mock have Dallas selecting an o-lineman, d-lineman, or safety in the first round? They needed d-line depth, especially at DT, and dallas didn’t draft one single d-lineman.

  • Myrtle Beach Cowboy

    i aree 100%. It just gets worse and worse.

  • Santee Jack

    The spirit of Al Davis has taken over the body of Jerry Jones.

  • Pack23Life

    im feeling for the Cowboys fans, Jerry has been lost ever since Jimmy bounced. Yeah sayin Reid was too rich was a joke a great player is never to rich go ask the 9ers if they could take back drafting alex aka the game manager smith for Aaron Rodgers. Some of these guys could turn into great players an that 1st round pick was a pick of panic because all the good O-linemen were flying off the board. The Packers had 1 of the best drafts out of them all getting a great DE in Jones got probably the 2 best RB’s in the draft (Lacy & Franklin) an quality linemen late in the draft plus some others. I wonder what could be if Jerry would swallow his pride an go get a real GM, cuz everybody knows Jimmy held his hand year in an year out, told him who to draft an who to drop an who to trade. I remember on a Football Life Jimmy sayin that Jerry told him “I dont know dick about running a pro football team (or a football team of any kind period) but i know business so you handle to football side an ill handle the business side” those were the truest words Jones has ever spoken. Im not a Boys fan but thats my view on them truthfully i think Jimmy leaving like he did cursed the team that last SB win was won w/ Jimmys player an Dion Sanders not Jones an Switzer

  • DepressedCowboyFan

    @wheeltax. this may not be the worst draft ever but it certainly is not a the best draft by the Cowboys. They have not had a good draft since Bill Parcels left. I would say Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis but that would be an insult to Al Davis because Jones is infinitely worse. But if you want some one to predict the future I’ll show you the past. In 2008 the Cowboys had 2 first round draft picks, Felix Jones, Mike Jenkins, neither started in their positions and will not be with the team next year. The only other player from that draft that played with the team last year was Scandrick who was selected in the 3rd round. So JJ wasted two first round picks for guys who played as well as a 3rd player. And when the Cowboys took Felix, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, and Matt Forte were still available! I could go on but the result is the same. Every year JJ thinks he is smarter than everyone in the NFL. His draft selections are mediocre to terrible yet he thinks that this team will win a superbowl while he is the GM. I hope he is right, but I know it will not happen until he gives up control or passes away. I’ll keep cheering for the Boys but I know it will not make a difference because there is an egomaniac running the front office.