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A Lazy, Indecisive Front Office Sidelines Cowboys in Free Agency

Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett spent most of his career sitting on the sidelines as a back-up quarterback. So is it really a big surprise that his team would be doing the same on the first day of NFL free agency? Unfortunately for Garrett and Dallas fans everywhere, the laziness and indecisiveness of the Cowboys’ front office is really the main culprit.

Here’s my case for indecisiveness: Yes, for the last two weeks, it did appear that the Dallas Cowboys’ front office had some sort of plan. Restructuring the contracts, of what appear to be every player on the team, seemed to be a strategic move to become a real player in free agency. The Cowboys surely need the help, especially on the offensive line and at the defensive tackle and safety positions. But the fact is that restructuring all those contracts is simply a result of indecisiveness by their front office and owner Jerry Jones.

Instead of making some hard decisions like cutting Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff and Doug Free, they decided to re-work the money. I do still have hope that Free will be cut after June 1st. But would it really surprise you if we kept him? We all know that Jones is too loyal, especially for being a general manager. He always tends to hold on to a player for at least a couple seasons too long.

Jerry Jones’ favorite song has to “End of the Road” by Boys II Men. I can imagine him lip-syncing the song while hugging a picture of Felix Jones. Then…a single tear trickles down his elderly cheek. Felix should have been traded last year, but that love connection was just too strong. Indecisiveness. Remember when Tashard Choice could have been traded multiple times a couple seasons ago? Instead, he was simply released mid-season. Indecisiveness. And remember how long we held on to Emmitt Smith after his prime? Indecisiveness.

Here’s my case for laziness: Anthony Spencer. The Dallas front office decided to franchise tag the newly crowned first-time All-Pro linebacker, and future 3-4 defensive end, for the second year in a row. Really? You had more than two years to sign him to a long term contract, which would provide some much needed cap relief, and you couldn’t close? Instead you hand him a check for $10.63 million because…wait for it…you need more time to get the deal done? Are you serious?

Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) yells from the sidelines against the New Orleans Saints at Cowboys Stadium. The Saints beat the Cowboys 34-31 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s my case for laziness, part two: Tony Romo. How long have we been talking about signing Romo to an extension? The front office continues to respond with no sense of urgency. “It will get done at some point” is apparently their motto. Would you expect anything less from a billionaire owner and a billionaire owners’ son?

Basically, dragging their feet on the Spencer and Romo deals while their less then $200,000 under the salary cap on the first day of free agency is even more evidence that there really is no plan.

Like a college student cramming before their final, the Cowboys front office was scrambling to get under the cap at the last minute. Good job guys! You got a D- in salary cap class.  Time to head to the next frat party, right?

It is aggravating to see these all these free agent names that we’ve talked about for the last couple months, now going to other teams. And some of those teams had a better record then Dallas last season!

I fully expect the Cowboys to make their obligatory insignificant “no name” moves like Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau from last year. As a fan, all you have is the hope that the Cowboys front office has done their due diligence via scouting and found a gem in the bargain bin. Unfortunately, I believe the truth is more like the claw machine out front of the local Wal-Mart. Put in a quarter and hope for the best.

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  • Rg3


  • Jbbravo

    Hey at least the salary cap prevents Jerry from making more dumb expensive signings. Truth is Jerry is that idiot that all his money can get him what he wants but it does not work that way in the NFL. You find the right people to win and stop throwing money at failures. Also don’t forget money motivates certain people. Just because a guy does good in a contract season(Doug free, Austin) don’t mean they won’t take the money and run. Look at Spencer now Jerry would sign him if the cap wasn’t holding him back, but the truth is Spencers best years are happening in contract years. Ask yourself has Ware ever let money hold him back. How about Witten no they play lights out all year. Thing is Jerry won’t learn anything until he figures out money won’t get him a Superbowl. It takes the right players, coaches and the right GM.

  • truth

    Kick Romo and Doug Free OUT!! And let the door hit them on the way OUT!!! – And rightly so…
    Can someone tell me how much that will save us this yr. and/or salary cap relief??

    • Juanito Juanito

      and who you put in romo place, stupid

  • pugbuddy

    Just because they don’t run out and sign all the players you wanted doesn’t mean they are “lazy and indecisive”. We all knew they would not be big players in FA this season but there is plenty of time (and players out there) for them to take part. Romo and Spencer should be signed to long-term contracts and that will free up plenty of space.

    They also have to think long term. They may yet cut players like Free and Spears (Rat and Austin were never in danger of being cut IMHO) but some of the money will likely be “saved” for the next season when it’s time to extend other players such as Lee (I believe his contract is up next season but I’m doing this by memory).

    With the possibility of deep draft talent on both lines, we can afford to improve the team through the draft and address our most significant weaknesses there. Any FA spending will probably be more focused on improving depth, not signing starters.

    • CowboyFan287

      They are lazy and indecisive because they don’t make any difficult decisions regarding their current roster. Look around the league, how many other teams are cutting players? Many teams are and key players to boot. The Cowboys don’t do this is. They are indecisive because they refuse to make a difficult choice on a player and choose to restructure. They are also lazy because by failing to extend Romo or sign Spencer to a long term deal they have no cap room to maneuver in free agency. This years free agency Dallas had the opportunity to address a variety of holes on the team. However, because they cannot ever make a difficult decision regarding the roster or extend key players they are left watching.

      • pugbuddy

        They’ll get Romo, and probably Spencer as well, signed to long-term contracts. There’s no rush. The idea that they could address all their holes, or even most of them, in this round of FA is a fantasy. Dallas is not overpaying for players just to fill holes, which is what often happens in FA–especially the first few days. That’s actually very smart on the team’s part; there is no one out there that they cannot live without.

        They are making difficult choices–that doesn’t mean they need to cut all the players that fans get frustrated with; there’s nothing wrong with restructuring the contracts for the players they have. They are cutting players that don’t fit into the direction the team is moving (such as Spears) and keeping the ones that are productive and can contribute in the coming seasons (such as Rat and Austin). They’re doing it right IMHO; it’s good to see the team not jump out after a “quick fix”.

    • Juanito Juanito

      no sr., spencer should no be signed to long term

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    You sir are an idiot! Complain because they spend too much and put the Boys in this cap he77 and continue to complain because they don’t sign any big name free agents. Spencer is NOT WORTH a contract, if he was Jerry of all people would’ve signed him to one. Romo is 33 and has proven that when it comes to important games he can throw untimely interceptions, maybe it really is time to part ways and try someone new. Maybe he looked around the league to see teams like Cincy, San Fran, and Seattle with so much cap room and building solid corps without the “flashy” over priced FA’s, maybe he’s learning from the poor deals he has made in the past with guys like Roy Williams and Marion Barber… I for one am glad that no splashy moves were made the 1st day and hope none are, I hope they continue to draft and develop young players and keep the salary cap at a manageable point. What good have the “flashy” high priced Free Agent players ever done for Dallas other than take the $$$ and run?

  • Juanito Juanito

    all this crap is for jj